‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Wives Keep Intrigue Going With Online Posts?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown shoots straight forward online but his wives seem to dance around topics creating intrigue with new posts. The show’s viewers wait for the official nod from TLC about Sister Wives new season. But until then they head on over to social media for Brown family news.

Sister Wives: Keep the Interest Flowing for Kody Brown Show

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown continue active on social media today. Then there’s Robyn Brown who hasn’t posted anything in months. Kody Brown’s post went up at a fairly frequent rate until Father’s Day. But after he paid a little Sister Wives tribute to himself in a post, he’s gone dark when it comes to communication online.

So it looks like Meri, Janelle, and Christine keep the online mysteries going for the rest of the Sister Wives family today. With Christine Brown offering the latest post conjuring questions. She’s seen in a photo at a jewelry store. But it’s her hashtags that do the talking for her, as she seems thankful for some new jewelry in the post below.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Christine Brown – Comments Range from ‘Looking Good’ to ‘Leave Kody’

The third wife of Kody Brown appears to thank her daughter Aspyn Brown Thompson for some jewelry. But this pic seems to tell another story for some fans. Followers of Sister Wives took the opportunity to hop on the post with both compliments and advice for Christine.

One fan suggested she find a man who’s normal, another blatantly suggested she leave Kody. While others took their time to tell her how good she looks, some commented on the amount of weight she’s lost. But yet another fan noticed how something is missing from Christine Brown’s usually presentation.

Sister Wives: What’s Up With Robyn Brown’s Creations?

It didn’t take long for one astute Sister Wives fan to notice something about this pic when it comes to jewelry. Today Christine shops at a jewelry store but she used to wear My Sister Wife’s Closet jewelry. SWC jewelry consists of Robyn Brown’s own designs. The fan asks why she isn’t wearing the SWC jewelry anymore.

Not wearing Robyn’s jewelry seems to fuel the recent online chatter suggesting the other wives are on the outs with Robyn. But can it just be that Christine wants a little variety in her jewelry pieces? People don’t necessarily wear their favorite jewelry pieces all the time. Still, this evokes intrigue around the Sister Wives spouses.

But maybe this pic has another story behind it. Look closely at Christine’s left hand in the picture. It looks like she’s holding a credit card. This offers up the suggestion that Christine may have paid for the jewelry purchase herself.

It looks like one post can lead to many different assumptions for those who follow this family. Any way you look at it, the Sister Wives brood keeps themselves knee deep in publicity with their posts. And this keeps them very much front and center until a new season rolls out. With reports of cameras already filming the family, it looks like the unofficial nod to a new season recently emerged.

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