‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Fuels the Rumors With Father’s Day Posts?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown recently posted a picture that seems to fuel the rumors of turmoil among the adults in this famous polygamous marriage. His posts on Father’s Day probably aren’t what most people would expect from a dad of 18 kids and a grandfather of one. Kody offered three posts that seem to harbor clues of the Sister Wives life today for the man with four wives.

Sister Wives: Father’s Day Highlights for Kody Brown – ‘Blowout’ Diaper

First of all, you’d think a guy with a dozen and a half children would be inundated with Father’s Day visits on this special day for dads. But the Sister Wives patriarch is pictured with only one of his offspring this year. That’s his youngest daughter Ariella Mae Brown. The adorable little girl is also Robyn Brown’s daughter and who the family calls Ari.

It sounds as if this toddler gave her father one memorable gift. It looks like Kody Brown shared a description of the things he did on Father’s Day. This included changing a “blowout” diaper belonging to Ari. After that, he gave the little angel a bath.

So it looks like Kody Brown spent his Father’s Day doing dad things for his youngest daughter at Robyn Brown’s house. A few clues pop up from the trio of posts the Sister Wives dad posted this weekend. Kody writes that he usually manages his expectations on both his birthday and Father’s Day. These are two special days for him each year. So what does he mean by that?

Sounds Like a Lot of Alone Time?

Apparently, Kody Brown doesn’t want to get his hopes up too high when it comes to one of these holidays. He said Sunday turned out as a day of “peace, abundance, and bliss.” But the details of this Sister Wives dad’s day came in yet another post. It sounds as if he spent a good deal of time alone. This is evident as he mentions how he embarked on a few solo activities.

It looks like he did some writing in his journal and reflected on the things he’s thankful for. Also, he lists meditation and prayer. Finally, he treated himself on this special day by skipping his workout.  Ari and her diaper change, along with a bath is the only mention of spending time with his kids.

Furthermore, the only picture the Sister Wives father shared was of him and Ari. While that doesn’t mean he didn’t see any of his other kids over the weekend. But if he did, fans of Sister Wives know enough about Kody to expect him to highlight any “dad” attention he did get. Instead, he reached into the past for that with the post below.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Reflects on Last Year

Has something changed in the Sister Wives family since last year? Aspyn Brown Thompson posted a beautiful tribute to Papa Brown on social media last year, as it was also her wedding day that Sunday. But it looks like there’s nothing about Kody on her Instagram page this year. Was this bothering the head of the family?

He posted the Father’s Day greeting he got from Aspyn last year reminding fans of the nice tribute he got the year before. But there’s nothing from this year. None of his four wives offered an online shout out to Kody Brown on their Instagram accounts for Father’s Day as well.

Through the years Kody’s Father’s Day was celebrated online with various posts from his wives and kids. This year it seems a bit different. It’s Kody who seems to do the majority of the posting this time around. So, what’s up with the Sister Wives brood?

Rumors Strengthened?

Madison Brown Brush posted a nice tribute to her dad. But besides Robyn’s kids, did he see any of the other 18? Robyn Brown hasn’t posted anything on her Instagram page in months. Her online shop stopped taking orders a while back as well. While the other three Sister Wives spouses appear active online, Robyn seems to stay away from sharing online.

The rumors swirling online put Kody Brown living pretty much full-time at Robyn’s house. With Kody spending time with Ari on Sunday, this seems to indicate he’s at the mansion Robyn calls home. There’s nothing in posts to indicate he’s seen any of his other Sister Wives clan on this special day honoring dads. Although Meri Brown did post a picture of her with Solomon, Kody and Robyn’s son. But where were the other two wives and the rest of the kids?

This seems to fuel the rumors that there’s turmoil among the wives and Kody Brown today. With that said, Kody’s family could have thrown him a gala affair honoring his fatherhood and it’s just that no one shared it online. But this father and husband would probably make the fans aware of any type of honor bestowed on him as a father if that was the case.

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