‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Offers Rare Shoutout for Kody Brown – ‘Love This Man’

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is making her thoughts on Kody Brown perfectly clear after she catches him off guard in a photo. The second wife of Kody Brown writes “I love this man.” Kody is pictured with Gabriel Brown, he’s the biological son of Kody and Janelle Brown. Apparently, Janelle cherishes this father-son interaction as she gives a shout-out to Kody Brown.

It’s obvious Gabriel Brown is another go-getter among the Sister Wives brood as he’s fast-tracking high school by taking summer classes. Janelle Brown’s son, Gabriel, is doing this so he can attend college in the fall at NAU. Gabriel is one of the many kids from this plural marriage who excel in life. As many kids from this Brown brood go to college or test the waters with their entrepreneur skills at a young age.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown in Awe of Her Shared Husband and Son Gabriel Brown

It looks like the spotlight shines on the Sister Wives patriarch and his father skills over the last few weeks. In the photo Janelle Brown shares, Kody is conversing about the Bill of Rights with Gabriel. Janelle shares how the Constitution is a passion for Kody so it looks like Gabriel Brown has good company for that conversation.

While Kody relates to the older kids, what about the younger ones still in diapers? Well, it sounds like all but one of the Sister Wives kids have outgrown diapers. But apparently Ariella Mae Brown is the last because Kody described a recent encounter with a loaded diaper. Ari is the daughter of Robyn Brown and Kody. She is also the baby of the family.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Gabe Brown

Kody Brown Has it Covered – Loaded Diaper to Government Debate

Over Father’s Day weekend Kody Brown posted a picture of himself with little Ari. He shared how he changed a “blowout” diaper and then gave his little girl a bath. So it looks like whether it’s a diaper change or a conversation on government, Kody Brown has it covered.

Gabriel Brown gave his mom a hard time about the move from Vegas to Flagstaff in the last Sister Wives season. Some fans of the show came down hard on Kody’s treatment of his son who was emotionally hurting over the move. Other’s thought Kody was correct, as he is the father and the decision to move is his, not the kids.

The teen was on the cusp of being made the captain of the wrestling team at his Vegas high school. His grades were good and he was looking forward to graduating with his long-time friends and classmates. This Sister Wives move meant he needed to start over in a new high school in Arizona.

Sister Wives: Picture Says a Thousand Words

Janelle’s picture does a lot to put some of the online chatter to bed as well. Recent reports have Kody Brown’s wives on the outs with him. The reports indicate he spends the majority of his time with Robyn so the other wives have him in the dog house, so to say.

From the photo and from what Janelle has to say, it looks like they’ve either made up or those reports don’t ring true. Anyway, it looks as if Janelle adores her shared Sister Wives husband and she’s sharing that in this post.

Speaking of dispelling rumors, Meri Brown and Robyn Brown appeared in a pic together online yesterday. Meri posted the pic along with a loving tribute to Robyn. So, all the chatter that Meri is on the outs with all her Sister Wives co-spouses doesn’t ring true. She seems to still be BFFs with Robyn anyway.  Although nothing was said about Janelle or Christine Brown.

It looks like the Sister Wives clan do just fine battling the online rumors just by posting a picture. There’s no war of words, just pictures that speak volumes.

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