‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown ‘Time Management Genius’ For Wife Rotation?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown and that mysterious bedroom schedule created a lot of fan curiosity over the years regarding this man with four wives. The topic surfaced a few times during interviews with Kody and his wives through the show’s 13 seasons.

It seems that rotating bedroom schedule never showed up in calendar form or on a list for viewers to see. But the Sister Wives spouses confirmed Kody does follow a schedule. That rotation puts Kody in each wives’ bedroom every four nights. Or at least it once did.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Traveling Rotation

Die-hard Sister Wives viewers know how once each wife looked forward to their time with Kody Brown. At one time Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown each got their equal time with their shared husband.

Reports suggest that’s changed today. But at one time, the Sister Wives of Kody Brown apparently felt sympathy for their husband’s never-ending marathon. The patriarch sprinting from one bedroom to another had his wives singing their shared husband praises.

This was never more evident than when TLC filmed the Sister Wives clan away on one of their many vacations. During a trip back in the early seasons of the show, TLC filmed Kody’s daily ritual while staying in a hotel. Meri, Janelle, Robyn, and Christine, each got their own rooms. This is what they usually do when they travel. It was during a time long before they headed to Flagstaff. The trip came from back in the day when Vegas was still a new city to the Brown crowd.

Papa Brown Hones In On a Quick Exit

Sister Wives filmed Kody packing up his belongings each morning and moving into another room. That’s because each wife occupied a different room. He put the clothes from the dresser in his bag. Then the patriarch grabbed stuff on hangers out of the closet. From there he gathers his toiletries from the bathroom.

After a quick glance around, Sister Wives celeb Kody makes his exit from one room heading into the hall. Then with a keycard, he opens the hotel room door next to the room he just left. Then he does all the stuff he just did but this time in reverse.

Kody goes about putting clothes in the closet. Then more stuff in the drawers of the new room, which belongs to Meri. This remains his daily activity while the Sister Wives family spends time in this hotel. He makes sure the wives get their fair share of his time on one of their many trips since the show first aired.

Sister Wives: Sympathy for Man With Too Many Beds?

This was back in 2011, just a year into the nation’s introduction of the Sister Wives brood. During an interview with Meri Brown, it sounded like a bit of sympathy for Kody’s plight emerged. Meri talks about the hardship Kody endures to make sure each wife gets their fair amount of time with the man they married. Christine also offers up her take on Kody’s time management.

Kody Brown’s third wife gives him kudos for keeping track of what bedroom he needs to sleep in on any given night. Christine also shares how Kody carries out that schedule without missing a beat, even when they are away from home.

It looks as if TLC gets into the kudos act as well. The network suggests “Kody proves to be a time management genius when sharing time among four wives.” Jump ahead a decade or so and reports put the Sister Wives husband pretty much staying put at Robyn’s house these days.

But if fans take away anything from this clip it’s about the infamous rotating schedule of Kody Brown. It’s not kept in a drawer, on a wall, or even in a little black book. No, that bedroom roster stays in Kody’s head. It also sounds like the schedule was his responsibility only. After all, he became a “genius” when it came to managing where he should be on any given night. Or so TLC says.

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