‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Urgency Results In Changes Next Season?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown appeared in such a hurry to move to Flagstaff that he might have overlooked something of the utmost importance. Now living in Flagstaff it looks like there’s something new the family needs to deal with. The urgency in this move raised eyebrows. It also resulted in one of Kody’s adult children questioning his motive when he announced his decision to move.

Once they landed in Flagstaff the season came to a close. So maybe the reason Kody created this mad dash will surface in the next season. While TLC hasn’t said a word about a new season of Sister Wives, the Kody Brown tribe is reportedly filming. Reports indicate cameras hovering over this famous polygamous family once again.

Sister Wives: Four Homes of Kody Brown Full of Clues

So far TLC filmed 13 seasons of Kody Brown, his four wives, and 18 kids going through daily life while demonstrating the inner workings of plural marriage. There’s no set built for this Sister Wives reality show. TLC films the show within the four homes of each of his wives where they live with their biological children. Seeing how Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown live is part of this reality entertainment package.

Astute Sister Wives viewers have picked up many odd things in the wives’ homes through the years. By seeing their living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms fans have a birdseye view of their homemaking habits. For instance, it’s not uncommon to see fruit on the kitchen counter at Christine’s home. Whether it’s fruit in bowls, cut up on plates, or on the cutting board in the process of being sliced, Christine seems to like to offer her family fruit. That surely puts a smile on all the nutritionists out there.

One Chair Loses its Skin Like a Reptile

In the last several seasons, Meri looks very business-like in the Sister Wives scenes from her home. The Lularoe clothing line she sells is on racks, in boxes, and in bags in a few rooms in her house. Some of the furniture in Janelle’s home appears worn from an active household. One chair, in particular, caught the eye of a fan and gathered some comments online when that viewer posted a screenshot of Kody Brown in the chair.

The Sister Wives patriarch plunked himself down in what looked like a recliner. While Kody looked comfortable, folks zeroed in on the ratty looks of the chair, seen above. Instead, the post honed in on the big swatches of upholstery missing from the chair. Robyn’s house looks like the typical home of a family with young kids. From the toys to the diaper changing products, you can tell she has little ones without seeing the kids.

The Vegas homes of the Kody Brown women offered a lot about their individual personalities as well. A few of the wives decorated with messages on wood plagues and in frames. The majority of those messages had to do with the family. There’s even one framed message about the Kody Brown family that often makes it into the camera’s view. With the Vegas homes gone, Sister Wives fans can look forward to the new season showing off the Flagstaff dwellings of the Brown clan. Or can they?

Sister Wives: Limited on Flagstaff Filming Locations?

It looks like this season might have to make do with filming inside just two of the four Sister Wives Flagstaff homes if reports are correct. It seems two of Kody Brown’s wives rented homes that won’t allow filming on the premises. Fans remember the urgency for all four wives to find housing, so maybe they needed to take would they could get at the time.  According to the reports, the no-filming clause is in two of the wives’ rental contracts. Fans already got a look at Robyn’s mansion, which is a temporary rent while the Coyote Pass homes are built.

The Sister Wives brood landed at Robyn’s home the day they moved to Flagstaff. So it’s obvious Robyn doesn’t have that stipulation in her contract. Christine Brown purchased a home in Flagstaff after she couldn’t find a rent that would take her pets. Since she owns the home she’s living in, it’s assumed there’s no rental contract holding her back from filming. So that leaves Meri Brown and Janelle Brown’s homes. It looks like these two rental properties are off-limits for filming. So how will this work? Will Meri and Janelle have to do their part on the show in Christine or Robyn’s kitchen?

Not only do reports indicate two landlords stipulate no cameras, but it also sounds like the people of Flagstaff aren’t thrilled with the media around town with the Sister Wives clan. A conversation between Reddit users suggests the town is already not happy with the media circus. The day 12 moving vehicles rolled down Robyn’s new street the neighbors came out in droves to see what all the hoopla was all about. Neighbors asked just how many were moving into the home after seeing such a big tribe exit the parade of vehicles.

Best Laid Plans – Not Working So Well?

The move seemed urgent on Kody’s part, so much so, that Aspyn Brown questioned what her father was running from. She said this into the Sister Wives camera at the beginning of the last season. Kody and three of his wives checked out Flagstaff on several occasions before deciding to move. They found the area very welcoming. While that’s true, it’s not the Brown family that people have concerns about. It’s the cameras and media fiasco that comes with the Sister Wives total package. With reports of a new season in the works, it will be interesting to see how they handle the filming. It looks like Meri and Janelle might have to visit Robyn and Christine to get on camera.

Of course, there’s always a possibility that the landlords could revisit their rules and regulations with Kody Brown’s reps. It’s also possible after that visit those homes will no longer have that clause. But it seems as if Sister Wives is an important piece of Kody Brown’s income, as it doesn’t look like he works at anything else but managing the family’s finances. Making sure filming conditions were just right would seem like a priority before hightailing it to Flagstaff. The new season should tell the story of just how they settled in.

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