‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Blamed For ‘Morning Flush Not Happening’

Sister Wives star Kody Brown still has at least one wife who seems to idolize him – Christine Brown – and who appears proud to share her admiration online. Sure, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Robyn Brown talked up their husband on the Tell All. But it’s Christine who goes a step further.

Christine didn’t hide her desire for attention from Kody Brown during the last Sister Wives season. But it didn’t always look like Kody had the same mindset. One scene had Christine move in for a hug only to have Kody back away.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Has Wife as Biggest Fan

Still, it appears Christine is Kody Brown’s proud wife on her Instagram page. Even the most mundane things Kody happens to do gets top billing in social media via Christine Brown. A new post by his third wife shows the end result of Kody Brown’s handiwork.

Considering the hashtags Christine Brown used on this post, it looks as if she admires the patriarch for his “man strength”. She also uses “masculine man” on the post. Apparently, she added this after she heard his excuse for breaking a small kitchen tool.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Christine Brown

Christine Brown Enamored with Kody’s Masculine Strength?

It seems Kody used a kitchen implement made out of metal and squeezed “way too hard,” which is another hashtag Christine uses. The third wife of the Sister Wives clan posted the picture of the broken lemon smusher.

Christine asks the question – “How can you break a METAL lemon squeezer? She says that Kody Brown said that he just “squeezed really hard.”

Sister Wives: One Hashtag Goes Too Far – TMI

While the rest of the hashtags seemed to note either Kody’s strength or the lemons, a rather strange one also emerged from Christine’s post. “Morning flush not happening” is the last hashtag added to her post. But it doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest.

It looks as if this Sister Wives spouse might have a cryptic message thrown in with her hashtags. It sounds as if those lemons were for medicinal purposes. Now that the lemon squeezer is broken, Christine said the morning flush is not happening. Is this a nice way to say things are backed up a bit for the husband of four – or for his third wife?

Life is an Open Book for Family

After a few decades of marriage to Kody Brown, it still looks as if Christine dotes on her shared husband. From the appearance of her social media posts, it seems as if she just can’t get enough of the little things in life when it comes to the patriarch of Sister Wives.

Christine seemed to even take Meri and Kody’s problems more personally than the other wives. During the last season, she appeared to dote on Kody during the height of the problems.

Sister Wives: Privacy Flies Out the Window

Regular people tend to leave some things private in their lives. But while the Sister Wives brood films their show,  that’s not always the case. Sometimes things pop up that most families keep within the family. Sharing that morning flush hashtag is an example of things most folks wouldn’t share with the public.

So maybe Christine is immune to any embarrassment most folks would feel after a reveal of more private affairs. That would explain her morning flush post.

With that said, it’s possible this is just a joke, considering Christine seems to have a healthy sense of humor. Then again, after all the years of the TLC cameras following the family’s every move, maybe nothing is off-limits anymore.

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