‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown No Longer ‘Wife Collector’ – More Child-Like Today?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown took an immediate hit when his reality show debuted on TLC almost a decade ago. People didn’t see Kody, Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown as the normal family with a minor difference of plural wives. This was even before Robyn Brown came on as Kody Brown’s number four wife in the Sister Wives clan.

Kody Brown’s vision was to dispel the nation’s negative thoughts on polygamy. And as veteran fans might remember, this was no easy task at the time. The Brown family lived a low-key life where only their close and trusted friends knew of their lifestyle. But that abruptly changed, throwing their lives into a tailspin.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Debuts – Some Feared His Message

Meri Brown lost her job in the mental health field just after Sister Wives first aired. Meri, who appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show back then, said she felt the company did this to protect themselves. She also said she understood why they fired her. But it still didn’t help Meri’s heartbreak over losing a job she loved.

When Kody Brown first debuted his family on TLC with the Sister Wives show, some people actually described fear as they watched. People worried this lifestyle would catch on. One article suggested this show was an attempt to lead America’s values on traditional marriage astray.

Nasty Comments Come Down the Line

Others saw Kody Brown as the head of a “harem,” a man “collecting wives” for his own pleasure. Kody was painted like a master manipulator and the leader of a cult. He was described as a man with his own dark agenda but who kept a “cherub-like” smile on his face while working that agenda.

Meri, Christine, and Janelle Brown were seen as innocent victims from this Sister Wives venue. Three women who were easily manipulated by Kody Brown and his spiel of love. When Robyn came on board this just added to the drama. Many believed this family was more about bedtime activities than anything else.

Sister Wives: Brood Thrown to the Lions

Suddenly their quiet lives were thrown into the den of lions where their lifestyle took swat after swat. As people took advantage of picking apart Kody Brown and his family. Words like “concubine” and “harem” appeared in headlines and within the social media platforms.

To say Kody Brown and the Sister Wives debuted to brutal critiques is an understatement. While the nasty comments emerged online, it was in the brick and mortar world where the family suffered. Like Meri, whose job was pulled out from under her once people got wind of the show.

Viewers of Sister Wives can only imagine what the kids went through at school. The adults in their family, their five shared parents opened their lives like a book to the world.

Time Cures All – Kody Goes from Master Mind to Child-Like

But times have changed and many see Kody Brown very differently today. People see the patriarch as more teenage-like with his behaviors. It also doesn’t look like he’s working under some master plan as the naysayers of yesterday pointed out.

Kody Brown seems to work on impulses. It also looks as if he doesn’t take the time out to think through his thoughts before acting on them. This is how many see him, which is evident in social media sites today. Look at this move to Flagstaff. He decided, they packed up, and they left – all in a matter of weeks.

Sister Wives: Tide Shifts On Brown Women

The tide has shifted when it comes to the thoughts on the Brown women as well. They’re not the nieve women first painted in the Sister Wives portraits of 2010. They are more concerned about the children than a bedtime schedule with Kody. The derogatory references to harem and concubine slowly faded. In the media Janelle, Robyn, Christine, and Meri Brown suddenly became mothers and good ones at that!

Still, the family not only survived but they were able to soften the image of polygamy while strutting their stuff on national television. Most of all, the thoughts on Kody Brown look like they’ve done an about-face.

Kody Admiration Society

The master manipulator, Kody Brown, is more like a kid in a candy store. He also spawned this huge family who looks up to him and adores him. While he’s not everyone’s favorite reality guy today, most would agree he’s harmless. It looks like he’s not the master manipulator collecting wives. But he’s more like a kid wanting many people around to love and adore him.

It’s probably safe to say that monogamous marriage is still far from becoming extinct today. It doesn’t look like Kody enticed too many folks to try things his way in the plural marriage department. So it appears Sister Wives ended up doing what TLC originally set out to do – entertain the masses.

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