‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Gets Secret Plans Drawn Up For One Big House

Sister Wives star Kody Brown already knows how his four wives feel about living in one big house but that apparently doesn’t stop him. It looks like the patriarch goes behind the back of his four wives in next week’s episode.

Kody Brown has plans drawn up for one huge home for all his wives and kids to live in. But he’s not telling anyone until he can lay it on the table in front of his wives. Most likely a few angry wives by then. Considering they’ve told him a flat-out no. Except for Meri that is, who didn’t mind it but thought the other wives might.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown – One Big House Secret

In the clips from the new episode coming up, Kody Brown meets with the person to draw up those plans. He tells the woman that this is the “kind of stuff that can get me killed in my sleep.” Next, he tells the Sister Wives camera that he knows his wives won’t kill him but they might leave.

Apparently Papa Brown isn’t worried about tempting fate. He plans to take these plans and present them to his wives. He gives an excuse for doing this. Kody said he doesn’t want to kill his dream before his wives can see what he has in mind.

SW: Will Kody Get His Wish?

Who knows, Kody Brown might get his way by the time the next Sister Wives season rolls out. After all, there’s nothing mentioned so far in real time about the houses going up as planned at Coyote Pass. Still, there’s no doubt about it, when he presents these plans to his wives – expect drama galore.

Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown lived together with their children and Kody Brown in one house before Robyn showed up. Seems Meri remembers that time as things going just swell. But she recently found out that wasn’t the case for the other two wives. Apparently, they weren’t thrilled with those living arrangements.

Even Kody himself offered up complaints about putting four wives under one roof. He said it kills the intimacy he shares with his wives. So far it seems Christine makes no bones about it – not one house, not going to happen. Check out her tweet below.

Sister Wives Patriarch Tempts Fate

Now Kody Brown expects to spring this oversized house plan on his wives despite knowing he’s in for a backlash. It looks like there’s more to all this than meets the eye concerning Kody’s sudden urge to move to Flagstaff. While one SW family member can’t put her finger on it, she comes right out and says it.

Aspyn Brown talks into the camera next week on Sister Wives. She doesn’t understand her father’s sudden urgency to get out of Vegas. This up-and-coming episode leaves the Brown brood one month to go before they’re out the door and headed to Arizona. That’s pressure for sure!

SW: Fancies Himself a Businessman

At least the Sister Wives family meetings offer up some comic relief to Kody’s woes for the viewers. In the preview for this coming Sunday night’s show, Kody has a meltdown. A few times this season fans learned that Kody Brown fancies himself a businessman.

At the beginning of the season, he knocked Meri around verbally due to her lack of business experience. This occurred when she first mentioned buying the dwelling that she turned into Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

Sister Wives Melt Down

Now Kody’s sitting at that same table spewing about not having any money after buying the Coyote Pass building lots. Apparently, they have a ton of real estate to make payments on and little money left to do this. He wants the Vegas houses sold immediately, he tells his wives.

Next Sunday’s Sister Wives episode filmed several months ago. As of last weekend, three out of the four Vegas homes were still on the market. Maybe this one house idea is all Kody Brown feels they can afford. Will the ladies of Sister Wives soon find themselves stuck under one roof with the Brown patriarch?

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