‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Hidden Agenda Emerges for Flagstaff Move?

Sister Wives fans listened to Kody Brown as he spewed excuses to his wives about why this move to Flagstaff was necessary and a good financial move. Kody told his four spouses that the amount of money they’d get for their Vegas homes would basically leave them sitting pretty. They’d be able to get homes in Flagstaff with money still left over. But as Meri Brown pointed out last week, that wasn’t the case.

Sister Wives: Real Agenda of Kody Brown for Moving the Family?

Turns out homes are more expensive in Flagstaff than Las Vegas. The houses will basically cost them the same but they’ll get smaller houses than their Vegas homes when moving to Flagstaff. Still, Kody Brown sees Flagstaff as their new destination despite the added expense.

Of course, needing to move the Sister Wives family into rental homes first is another expensive venture. So this once economical move now proves quite costly.

Fans Think Robyn Brown Pushed for the Move

Kody Brown is set on Flagstaff and it looks like his four wives are with him on the move as well. The kids were another problem, which also played out on the Sister Wives episode last week. Especially Gabriel, who excels in his Vegas high school both in academics and sports. He doesn’t want to move.

As the episode played out, the fans learned that Robyn’s son is starting college in Arizona. This started a frenzy online with the Sister Wives fans. They now blame Robyn for the move and Kody Brown for bending over backward to grant her wishes.

Moving to Arizona for the Sake of One Child?

On a recent Sister Wives episode, Dayton Brown announced he’s attending a college in Arizona. This means the Brown family will now be living closer to his campus after their move. That’s all that the fans of the Sister Wives show needed to hear. They hopped online to now say they can see right through this move now and they believe it’s all Robyn’s doing.

So much for a good “financial move,” which is how Kody tried to sell the idea of this relocation to the family. Now Kody Brown changed his tune. He said despite the houses costing him more money than he realized, it’s worth it to raise his family in Flagstaff. He sees it as a bit of heaven.

One Husband, Four Wives, and More Than a Dozen Kids Under One Roof?

While the Sister Wives family debates houses and building lots, Kody’s next trick is to suggest one house for the entire family. He already ran this idea past Meri when the two were away in Flagstaff together. Meri remembers life in one house with Janelle and Christine before Robyn joined the family. She loved it.

But she recently found out the other wives felt differently. So she tells Kody Brown he probably shouldn’t count on the idea. Kody found the only downfall with four wives under one roof is that it plays havoc with intimacy. From what recent reports indicate there’s not a lot of that intimacy going on these days anyway. As only one of his four wives allegedly remains on the bedroom schedule – Robyn.

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