‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Spending Spree Raises Questions

Sister Wives star Kody Brown comes off as a modern-day phenomenon as he sits at the table and talks about buying homes in Flagstaff. These houses would act as temporary homes as they build new houses in the same city. Then, of course, the family still owns the homes in Vegas. All this and the man doesn’t seem to have a job?

Sister Wives: Homes, Property, New Vehicles for Kody Brown

On Sunday’s Sister Wives, Kody Brown and his wives formed another caravan to travel to Utah for Aspyn Brown and Mitch Thompson’s wedding. First thing to notice is their roster of rides consisted of all new-looking vehicles with not one junker in the bunch.

Plus, that wedding Kody Brown put on for his daughter with 400 guests in attendance had to cost a pretty penny. The wedding was fit for royalty.

Sister Wives - Family

Seven Bedrooms and Five Baths for Just One Wife

How can Kody Brown, the man with four wives and 18 kids, afford to do all this? Last week’s scene of the Sister Wives family meeting between the five adults was mind-blowing. They went around the table and each wife talked about buying or renting property in the same fashion one might read off a grocery list.

Robyn Brown rented a seven-bedroom, five-bath home offering more square footage than any of their oversized Vegas homes. With all this going on, Sister Wives fans note their confusion across the social media platforms. Where is all this money coming from is what viewers want to know.

Sister Wives: No Money For Meri – But Kody Brown Rolling in Dough?

Much like the social post above asks – where does the dough come from for all this? A few Sister Wives posts also pointed out another inconsistency between episodes. They purchased all these properties and threw a wedding, but couldn’t lend Meri the money for Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. It looks like Kody Brown went from dire straits to rolling in serious dough within a few SW episodes.

Many fans consider Janelle Brown as the rational wife when it comes to the finances. But she’s going along for this crazy ride without protest. This time around it’s Meri who has concerns over the pile of rents, mortgages and moving costs. But no one seems to consider her opinion – they push on with buying, buying, and more buying.

Kody Doesn’t Seem to Have a Job?

One more observations by watchers is that Kody Brown doesn’t seem to have a job. Meri promotes her LuLaRoe clothing business and now owns a B&B. But these don’t look like multi-million dollar enterprises.

Also, Robyn Brown runs an online venture, My Sisterwife’s Closet, but again, like Meri’s ventures – it’s probably not a huge earning enterprise. While they probably turn a nice profit, the Sister Wives clan seems to live pretty large. So there has to be more to this than meets the eye.

Sister Wives’ Salaries

Even at the height of their pay scale a few seasons ago, their reported salaries don’t seem enough to support their lifestyle. The most recent reports indicate that Meri, Janelle, Christine and Kody Brown each raked in a salary of $180,000 from Sister Wives in prior seasons. Then TLC decided to cancel the show after Season 11, so Kody negotiated a deal.

Reports indicate he was so desperate to keep the TV cameras rolling that he offered to slash their salaries. Kody Brown reportedly agreed to do the show for just one salary, basically doing away with four $180,000 salaries. Do the math, that’s just south of three-quarters of a million bucks – gone from the SW family budget.

Now, that was the last report and then they went on to do Season 12. The Sister Wives show is now in season 13, so it’s quite feasible that new negotiations restored their salaries to what they once were. Still, even if they did make their old payday, that covers only the price of two of their homes.

Speaking of Brown Homes…

It looks like today, Kody Brown and his Sister Wives spouses still own three of their Vegas homes. Or they did up until last weekend when Kody Brown did a commercial for the real estate company featuring their three unsold homes.

They also own the Flagstaff house Christine lives in and rent three more houses in that city for the other wives. They purchased the four building lots for $820,00, according to the reports. Yep, that’s one real estate-rich family!

Maybe Kody Brown should write a book on finances. If nothing else, he certainly looks like a walking commercial for getting rich while doing very little.

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