‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Ready But Won’t Fly the Coop of Kody Brown?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown has some fans convinced that she’s all set to leave Kody Brown any time now but an inside source warns not to count on it. Someone who claims to be close to the inner workings of the Kody Brown family believes Meri will stay put. If she ever does fly the coop, it’s probably not in the foreseeable future for Meri, according to the source.

So far Meri Brown is the Sister Wives celeb who looks more likely to jump ship than the rest of Kody’s wives. That’s because for some time now Meri’s online posts seem to highlight newfound independence.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Ready But Won’t Go?

Christine Brown, Janelle Brown, and Robyn Brown don’t demonstrate the lifestyle Meri Brown does online. She embarks on solo trips and surrounds herself with friends, instead of her Sister Wives family members.

Nothing seemed to change for the other wives on the Sister Wives show. But Robyn mysteriously remains gone from social media since the beginning of this year. Last season she dropped a hint of her mindset on the show when the family talked about moving.

Without actually saying the words that she’d leave the family, she seemed to suggest this could be the case if they were to ever move again. Robyn made it clear that this is her last move and Flagstaff is the place where she’ll grow old.

But it looks as if they’re not going anywhere beyond the city limits now that they purchased a new home for the fourth Sister Wives spouse. So you would think that Robyn’s place with Kody is pretty much cemented right now but maybe not.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown

Robyn Brown Once Hinted To the One Thing Might Change Her Mind

If Robyn would even contemplate jumping the Sister Wives ship under certain conditions, it does seem to suggest it’s possible she too one day could leave. But since she’s the wife who seemingly gets all Kody’s attention, why would she?

Still, there’s a reason she’s not been in the public eye lately. But that reason is unknown to the Sister Wives followers.

Meri is demonstrating the behaviors of a woman getting ready to leave a marriage, according to recent reports. Just the fact that she’s set herself up with Lizzie’s Heritage Inn shows she’s got another home to go to if needed.

She’s also making some good money with the LuLaRoe clothing line. Just how much, no one knows. But what is known is that Meri is on top of her game when it comes to sales. The Sister Wives celeb gets to go on all the trips reserved for top sales associates. So it appears she’s raking in the dough.

But it seems if Meri Brown or the other three wives should want to leave, they probably won’t. Christine Brown’s aunt recently divulged some insight into the inner workers of the Sister Wives clan.

During a recent interview she not only sent out a public plea to her niece to leave Kody Brown but she described why Kody probably won’t lose any of his Sister Wives ladies in the near future.

Sister Wives: Inside Scoop on Jumping Ship

Kristyn Decker is Christine’s aunt who is speaking out against Kody Brown and his treatment of his four wives. It seems she sees the shared husband of four as “abusive” and controlling. But that doesn’t seem to be the mindset of Kody Brown’s four mothers-in-law. Above he took all four of his wives’ mothers out shopping on a previous Sister Wives season.

While the aunt appeared happy to be on the Sister Wives, it seems she’s changed her mind about Kody Brown. Today she wants Christine to flee the constraints of her marriage to the Sister Wives patriarch.

But this is not all she said that perks the viewers’ ears up across the Sister Wives fan base. It seems she believes Meri Brown, as well as her own niece, will stay with Kody no matter what. She claims they’ll stay for the TLC reality show. Meri Brown is a fan-favorite so without her on Sister Wives the show would probably go belly-up.

It seems the four wives need to hang in there to keep the show going. As far as Kristyn knows, this is the family’s income. So they can’t afford to let Sister Wives take a dive.

Chances are that would happen if even one wife went their own way. But Meri Brown is the matriarch and a popular celeb on the show. Even though it looks as if she’s ready to leave, fans probably won’t see her go.

When the show stops and the last episode rolls out, that might change things and Meri might leave. But from what the aunt says, Sister Wives from TLC is their income so there’s no way they will jeopardize that.

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