‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Leaving Flagstaff Sparks Bizarre Turn of Events

Sister Wives star Meri Brown was reported to be leaving Flagstaff and saying goodbye to Kody Brown and her Sister Wives family as she drives away – or is she? Apparently Meri Brown posted a video of herself in the car driving away from the Arizona town she now calls home.

It seems that a goodbye scene during a video sparked the headlines of a split for Meri from the Sister Wives family. But that doesn’t seem to be the case after all as Meri did something extremely unusual today. She replied to an online report that put a twist on her direction in life.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Goes Solo Online

There’s one thing Meri Brown is good at and that’s posting an open-ended story on social media. Her tendency is to offer just enough clues for people to form their own conclusions.

Meri Brown, as well as the other Sister Wives spouses, usually don’t address the chatter that emerges online from people spinning a yarn. But this time it looks like she just had to share that she marveled at the twist.

The latest chatter has Meri Brown leaving her Sister Wives life behind. Months have passed without a mention from Meri online of Kody Brown or the other women who share the husband of four. So it sure looks feasible that Meri could have plans of her own. But just what are they if she does have some plans?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Saying Goodbye to Her Flagstaff Home?

This latest Sister Wives chatter about Meri leaving Flagstaff might start with her visit to Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss in Chicago last week. Once the visit was over, Meri left the Windy City with her beloved dog Mosby. The pup had been living with Mariah and Audrey since Meri’s move to Flagstaff.

Once Meri got back home in Flagstaff she had a ball with Mosby. It was like Meri brought home a baby the way she snapped photos and took videos of her four-legged family member.

Then another Sister Wives couple, Mariah and Audrey, posted a pic of the two of them and the other dog, Koda. It looks as if they were in an airport leaving for vacation. Next, they posted a photo of Koda overlooking Salt Lake City Utah from a balcony. So it looks like the couple headed to Utah with their other pup for a vacation or a visit.

It sounded as if Meri took Mosby back home with her for good. But that wasn’t the case. A few days later the Sister Wives celeb announced the dog’s summer vacation is over and it’s back to Mariah and Audrey’s for the pup. So apparently Meri kept Mosby with her while the couple traveled.

Sister Wives: Flagstaff House Sold

While recent reports put Meri’s rental home up for sale, that doesn’t mean Meri has anything to do with that. Maybe the estimated move-in date for Coyote Pass is near or when that rental house sells, it’s possible Meri will rent from the new owner.

Maybe the homeowner decided to strike while the iron is hot. After all, one of the Sister Wives celebs lives in the home. So maybe they’ll get more traffic from house hunters.

Then again, it seems recent clues suggest the homes or home might be ready soon on the land they purchased in Arizona. Both Meri and Janelle Brown recently posted photos with scenery that looked like the land owned the Sister Wives brood in Coyote Pass.

Janelle posted the view saying they would have dinner there later that day. Then Meri posted a video of Mosby running around the property unleashed.

Janelle’s post gave Sister Wives fans the impression the move to Coyote Pass is soon. Especially since she said that was the site for dinner that night when she posted the photo. The Browns always seem to have a tough time with housing – check out the throwback clip below from eight years ago when they landed in Vegas.

Meri Offers Cryptic Messages?

Meri then shared a post saying goodbye to Mosby, who was going back to Chicago. So when the Sister Wives matriarch was saying goodbye to Flagstaff for Mosby, it looks like some people thought she was bidding the town farewell. Apparently, not everyone realized that goodbye to Flagstaff was for Mosby who traveled with her in the car. But instead, some folks had Meri as the one leaving Arizona behind.

Meri Brown did offer up several hints that she’s not feeling like Flagstaff is home yet. So maybe people thought she decided to make the big push once and for all. This Sister Wives spouse even posted that she’d rather live in the desert after that wildfire threatened her area. A few of her latest posts involved messages that you could decipher a few different ways. One way to take it – she plans on leaving.

This week she also posted how no one is obligated to be the same person they once were. Then she posted a blurb about how you don’t meet people by accident, they cross your path for a reason.


Sister Wives: Cleaning Up the Goodbye Story

These cryptic messages might suggest this is what goes on in Meri’s life right now. At the very least it sounds as if they come from a very independent person. But by posting them it could mean she just likes what they say.

Keeping the Sister Wives viewers interested in a show in-between seasons is not an easy feat. But Meri Brown and these open-ended messages seem to keep the fans busy with riddles. Reports indicate the family is filming a new season but there’s nothing official from TLC about a new season yet. In the meantime, Meri Brown certainly keeps the interest in the show going.

So the appearance of Meri Brown exiting Flagstaff sparked a bizarre turn of events online. The question swirled – is Meri really fleeing Flagstaff? But instead, it looks like folks misconstrued her goodbye to Flagstaff. It seems they thought she was saying farewell for herself. No, Meri Brown’s goodbye was meant for her dog Mosby.

After tabloids suggested Meri left Flagstaff for good and split from her Sister Wives plural marriage Meri did something unusual. She got back on to Instagram to say that what people saw was Mosby saying goodbye to grandma (her). Then she added how that was one of the best twists she’s ever seen in the tabloids. So in a nutshell, Meri stays- Mosby bids farewell – end of story.

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