‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Warns No Apologies Owed – Crossing Paths No Accident?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown looks like she might have experienced a twist of fate these days after you read her last few posts online. A new message posted by Meri seems to indicate that it’s not an accident when you cross paths with someone. In that message, Meri Brown suggests it’s meant to be. Is she talking about someone in particular?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Makes Her Own Path

Is the matriarch of the Sister Wives clan getting her followers ready for a bit of news? Although calling Meri Brown the matriarch doesn’t seem to fit Meri Brown anymore. Today followers see this new independent lady making her own path in the world.

In recent months Meri Brown seems to take on a completely different persona with the public than she did seasons back. She’s moving forward at a fast pace and it seems this Sister Wives spouse lets nothing get in her way.

Meri Brown looks to be on her own today as she takes journeys on her own. She also seems to concentrate on her life and the people she loves. Her social media posts appear to offer a window into her life in real-time. It looks like this Sister Wives celeb is spending little time with the women she calls sister wives and Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Meri Offers Cryptic Messages About Her Fate?

It looks as if Meri is a great believer in fate when it comes to who you meet in life. Or at least that’s what her latest message seems to convey. Yesterday she posted the message above about how we don’t meet people by accident. Is Meri prepping the fans for some type of news? Then today Meri offered up another message.

That seemed to indicate she, or anyone else, is under no obligation to be the same person you were in the past. That message defends the right to grow and change. The word obligation really stands out, as Meri Brown did or maybe still does have a ton of obligations to the members of her plural marriage. Is this her way of explaining why she’s breaking free from prior obligations?

Or is this message pointed at someone directly, like the Sister Wives shared husband, Kody Brown? From the latest posts by this Sister Wives fan-favorite, it looks as if she has something to say about changes.

Sister Wives: Her Involvement with Lularoe Offers Meri Freedom

It seems Meri Brown sees her career with Lularoe as this blessing that allows her to have the type of life she’s living today. Apparently, she enjoys the success she’s made with her Lularoe clothing line. She decided to share in some of that success by taking her sister with her to California recently.

The traveling spouse from Sister Wives posted a photo of her sister standing in the ocean for the first time, seen above. Meri is in the first picture wearing jeans and a t-shirt in the waves. The photo next to her is her sister enjoying the surf while wearing a dress. You probably noticed the uncanny resemblance.

Maybe Meri no longer feels an obligation to spend time with the other women she’s connected with through Kody’s multiple marriages. Instead, she’s honed in on her own family. Of course, there’s her daughter, Mariah Brown, the apple of Meri Brown’s eye. Now that Mariah and her significant other, Audrey Kriss, live in Chicago, the Windy City is one of the several destinations of Meri’s frequent trips away from Flagstaff.

A long weekend in Chicago with Mariah and Audrey or visits to her mother, sisters, and brothers in Utah make up her travel itineraries these days. Much like a recent trip to California with her sister where Meri played in the ocean waves. The trip had to do with a Lularoe conference but Meri invited her sister to go along.

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