‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown No Longer Lives Alone – She’s Making Changes

Sister Wives star Meri Brown just returned from visiting with Mariah Brown in Chicago but she didn’t come home all alone to an empty house. After a few days with Mariah and Audrey Kriss, Meri made the trip back home with a new roommate.

Meri Brown, the first wife of Kody Brown, returned with a family member, who is now living with her. Other than her new Sister Wives roommate needing to adjust to the new time zone, the move went off flawlessly. It looks like Meri Brown brought Mosby home with her.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Now Has Roommate

From the smiles, videos, and comments shared online by the Sister Wives matriarch… she’s happy. Remember last season when Meri Brown felt left out and how she found comfort in all the confusion of the move? She carried Mosby around like he was her baby during the first day of the family’s Flagstaff move.

Now Meri has Mosby full-time with her at home because she brought her four-legged friend back from Chicago. There’s no word yet from Mariah or Audrey on how they’re managing while missing Mosby. They have Koda, but the two dogs seemed close so maybe even Koda might be missing his buddy a bit.

Meri shared her morning walk with Mosby now that she’s back home on an IG story she posted today. It looks like they’re together again.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Mosby


Does This Mean Meri Plans to Stay Around Home More?

It’s understandable why Meri Brown didn’t have her Sister Wives dog with her at her Flagstaff home. Since she landed in Arizona, she has done a lot of traveling. She’s gone on a cruise, visited Chicago a few times, and she’s gone to California at least twice that she’s shared online. So with Meri living alone, there’s no one there to watch over her pup when she’s on the road.

Back in Vegas, the Sister Wives clan lived next door or across the street from each other. Meri could probably ask any of the older kids to check in on the pup, walk, and feed Mosby. But where they live in Flagstaff, Janelle Brown once said she’s 30 minutes away from at least one of the other wives’ homes.

So maybe Meri is finally settling into her new Flagstaff digs by sticking around for a while. And by making her home complete with her old friend by her side.

It looks like she’s in such a different place today than she was for the last few seasons. Meri explains to the Sister Wives camera in the clip below how she feels alone. The change seen in this sister wife today seems remarkable in comparison to how she presented herself in this clip a while back.

Sister Wives: Amazing Time in Chicago

While Meri was in the Windy City with her daughter and Audrey, she looked like she had a ball. Some of the pictures she shared were funny and odd. Meri seemed amazed at some of the things she happened upon while out and about with her two girls.

Meri looks at Audrey like a second daughter and when this trio gets together it’s such a happy-looking scene. Anyway, Audrey showed Meri something that seemed to mesmerize Kody Brown’s first wife. While shopping they used an escalator that had a separate escalator for their shopping cart.

Another thing Meri spotted in Chicago was a sign in a bathroom somewhere. It gave instructions on what not to flush down a toilet. Overall, she looked like she had a great time with Mariah and Audre. While reports put the Sister Wives filming a new season right now, there’s no news from TLC to confirm this or even when to expect the next season of this show.

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