‘Sister Wives’: Mariah Raises Questions – Meri’s Daughter Sends Message?

Sister Wives spouse Meri Brown has one daughter, Mariah Brown, who seems to mean everything to the first wife of Kody Brown. A recent post online by Mariah Brown has her looking rather down. This comes on the heels of a few positive posts that her mom Meri shared on her own Instagram page.

Mariah Brown seems on top of the world in recent Sister Wives episodes on TLC. She’s found her soulmate, who is also the woman she plans to marry, Audrey Kriss. Even though she struggled with seasonal depression in the past, it looked like she had a good handle on it recently.

Sister Wives: Mariah Brown Down – Meri Brown’s Daughter Struggling?

The latest post from Meri Brown’s daughter indicates she’s headed back to therapy. Mariah Brown shared her plight a while back when it comes to battling depression. She explained to the fans of the show and her social media followers that she suffers from seasonal depression.

Sharing this was not only brave on her part but probably helpful to others as well. Those going through the same thing might find they’re not alone as they read Mariah’s experience. The post below is indicative of how fans get to see Mariah so far this season on Sister Wives. She looks and acts upbeat and happy.

Sister Wives: Mariah Brown - Audrey Kriss - Meri Brown

No Reason Offered For Sad Appearance

Mariah and Audrey now live in Chicago so she will see a new therapist. The Sister Wives daughter shares that it’s not easy telling your thoughts to someone new but she’s ready to get some help.

While Mariah announces she’s going back to therapy, she also didn’t give a reason why. Instead, she posted that sad-looking photo, so assumptions that she’s depressed popped up in the comments. That photo where she looks sad appears below.

Sister Wives: Mariah Brown

Sister Wives’ Daughter Strikes a Pose of Sadness?

Sister Wives veteran viewers have concerns over the way Mariah treats her mom. This sparked recent comments on social media as the new season’s episodes rolled out. Mariah’s behaviors have fans believing she’s angry at her mom.

Although Meri taking both Mariah and Audrey on vacation might have helped patch things up a bit, this on-going angst appears to pop up now and then.

Meri Brown recently posted some positive words along with pictures of herself online. She’s feeling a bit more independent these days. The theme of her recent posts seems to center around living life on her own terms, as seen on the post below.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Mariah Looks Sad

In contrast to Meri Brown sharing how she’s in a good place today, it looks like Mariah wants the Sister Wives fans to know that it’s not the same for her. In the photo she posted of herself, she is literally slumped in a corner looking sad.

You might expect that pose for a commercial or documentary attempting to visualize depression. But you don’t expect someone suffering from depression to offer up that pose for a photo.

When Your Child Hurts – You Hurt

Most mothers would agree, you hurt when your child hurts. So with Mariah looking so down, this has to hit Meri Brown hard as well. Just seeing her daughter looking rather despondent sends the Sister Wives viewers a message of sadness.

Meri hasn’t publicly responded to Mariah’s post but you probably wouldn’t expect her to react in a public place, such as commenting online. Mariah heading back to therapy and offering that info seems kind, why post the sad picture?

Mariah Recently Awarded a Lot of Headline Attention

Mariah Brown got tons of well wishes from the folks who follow her on Sister Wives. Her Instagram account also offered words of praise for sharing what she’s going through right now. Further, SW fans are ecstatic over her engagement to Audrey Kriss.

The headlines saturated the online world the day Mariah Brown announced she’s engaged to be married. Her four moms, Meri, Christine, Robyn, and Janelle expressed their happiness for their daughter’s engagement.

Kody Brown is also extremely happy for his daughter, as well as the rest of the Brown brood. Today that discussion of happiness turns to a discussion of sadness with many hoping Mariah Brown gets the help she needs.

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