‘Sister Wives’: Mariah Posts Cruel Threat – Is Meri Brown the Target?

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown‘s only daughter, Mariah Brown, threatened those who love her with some pretty harsh words online recently. Over the weekend her message was a jaw-dropper. It also opened a window into the Sister Wives family. This seems to suggest that Mariah is about to hold someone hostage by using her love as a weapon.

Now it seems Meri Brown’s new online post may address her daughter’s threat. Meri Brown tends to posts messages that don’t mention names but she offers enough info for fans to assume who she’s addressing. It seems this is one of those cryptic messages Sister Wives followers know all too well.

Sister Wives: Mariah Brown Delivers Shocking Threat

For some reason, Mariah believes anyone who loves her should heed her warning this election year. Her convictions are so strong that she threatens to sever any relationship if they pick a candidate she’s against. It sounds as if this Sister Wives’ daughter thinks it’s okay to sway such a personal decision and an American’s individual right.

Meri Brown’s only child made herself quite clear. The young woman, who fans watched grow up via the Sister Wives series, delivered a whopper of a threat. She plans to banish anyone from her life who dare vote against her wish. She’s not telling people who to vote for. No, she demands they don’t vote for one candidate. Still, she’s made an attempt to get things her own way by using a threat.

The Sister Wives adult daughter starts her post with “Read This” in big bold letters. Then she basically goes after someone’s right to vote. This is one way to bypass the hard work of campaigning for the things you believe in. Instead, it seems she’s opted to threaten people not to vote for who she doesn’t like.

But who is she threatening? Did she just warn a family member? Could she possibly aim this threat at her Sister Wives‘ dad or one of her four moms? Or maybe even her partner? Meri Brown’s latest post might shed some light on what’s going on. Is this the start of one colossal mother-daughter battle?

Sister Wives - Mariah Brown

Meri Brown Pops Up in Red, White, and Blue – With Theme Song

The seemingly irate daughter from Sister Wives posts a threat that centers around politics. Meri Brown’s grown child, who will turn 25 next month, makes a serious declaration. Mariah Brown said, “you do not get to say you love me” if you vote for a certain candidate.

Then Meri Brown pops up with a post complete with a theme song – “I Am Proud to Be an American”. She posted a short video and that song plays in the background. The original Sister Wives matriarch also wears a shirt displaying the American flag in the post below. She claims “not gonna lie, I kinda like the place I live…”.

Some of the things Mariah said in her threat lead you to believe she’s talking about someone in particular. She warns that she will no longer associate with people who believe the “money in their pockets” is “more important than my life”.

Meri Brown’s business is going gangbusters as she’s a top sales rep at LuLaRoe. Could Mariah Brown possibly be warning her Sister Wives‘ mom?  It appears Mariah takes a lot for granted expecting people to possibly give up their vote in lieu of losing her for good.

This slamming message from this Sister Wives adult sibling warns, “the minute you cast your ballot” it could be over if it’s for the wrong person. She also tells those who love her that if their vote is for the politician she’s against, you will no longer have “access” to her anymore.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown


Sister Wives: Who Does Mariah Brown Aim At?

Kody and Meri Brown’s daughter claims she will cut any of her loved ones loose for good if they go against her voting wish. Because the vote is such a personal thing, some might say this sounds almost ridiculous coming from this educated Sister Wives offspring.

People will vote for whoever they want to. Furthermore, they don’t need to disclose their vote to anyone. So, Meri Brown and Kody Brown’s daughter seems to take a lot for granted when she’s not at liberty to even know how anyone’s personal voting preference. Voting is a very sacred and personal thing for many Americans.

This post also sounds like it could be the end result of a possible argument she may have had. The message came off as if she was furious when she wrote it. If she did follow through on this, that could be a cruel thing to do to someone who loves her.

Sister Wives: Mariah Brown - Meri Brown


Ultimatum Card Once Again?

Mariah played the ultimatum card before. After her Sister Wives’ mother’s catfishing event, Mariah wouldn’t let it go. She wouldn’t forgive her mother because Meri Brown claimed she was a victim of this crime. She insisted Meri Brown stop saying she was a victim.

This put a wedge between the Sister Wives mother-daughter duo. It seems as if Mariah Brown sided with her father over this. Then Kody started to pick up on his daughter’s demand and made it his own when dealing with Meri.

He told his Sister Wives’ original matriarch that she needed to stop seeing herself as a victim, just like his daughter dished out. So it seems as if Mariah held someone hostage using her love as a weapon at least once before.

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