‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Hides Location – In Cahoots With Kody Brown?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown recently did a few things out of the ordinary, suggesting she’s helping Kody Brown hide something. This alone might not have raised red flags for Brown family followers. But another wife recently did something odd, offering more fuel to this new Sister Wives theory.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Changes Her Habits

Sister Wives followers are a dedicated bunch with many in-tune with the Brown Family’s online habits. Case in point, Meri Brown. Kody Brown’s first wife usually tags her posts with her location.

Meri hops all over from Flagstaff to Utah and even back to Vegas. Most of this travel is business-related for Meri, the Sister Wives original matriarch. She’s always busy with Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, and her LuLaRoe sales rep gig.

Before the stay-at-home plan came into play, Meri Brown also flew around the country and sailed the high seas. So, Meri kept her Sister Wives fans updated by offering her location on her posts. Suddenly, that seemed to change, but why?

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Strange Trip For Wife Number Three

Before fans started to notice the change in Meri’s location tagging habit, Christine Brown caught the attention of the Sister Wives’ enthusiasts online. In the middle of the nation’s stay-at-home plan, the third wife of Kody Brown was in St. George, Utah.

You might remember that city because Kody Brown talked about it on Sister Wives. A fan spotted Christine in St. George, and she had kids with her, including one of Janelle Brown’s sons.

Perhaps the other Sister Wives spouses were also in St. George but weren’t spotted in that photo. It would be out of Christine’s nature to take the kids on a road-trip during the virus shutdown – unless there were a good reason. Like a camera crew happened to be in tow ready to start the new season’s storyline.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Always Loved Utah

Kody Brown often says that his heart is in Utah, but because of past laws, Meri Brown and the others faced prosecution as a polygamous family. But, new laws changed all that. Plural marriage partners no longer face prosecution in Utah anymore.

The newest Sister Wives season is in full swing filming right now, according to Christine Brown. They film one week on and one week off. So the camera crew is with them every-other-week.

It seems the focus of the upcoming season’s under wraps for Sister Wives. Still, you can’t help but wonder if Meri’s sudden secrecy on her location is to keep that hidden. Maybe Meri’s trying to keep Kody Brown’s next move a secret.

If the family is spending a lot of time in St. George looking for homes, they’d want that on the next season. And Meri Brown’s habit of listing her locale could tip off fans. So, maybe that explains the mystery.

Then there’s the fan who happened to spot Christine and the kids in St. George. It’s possible the Sister Wives tribe was all there, but the fan didn’t see them. Maybe the family was there to scope out possible new homes in Utah.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Meri Brown Would Save Tons of Time

Meri Brown would benefit from this move. It brings her closer to her B&B in Parowan, Utah. The move would knock off 230 miles of driving from Flagstaff when headed to Meri’s bed and breakfast.

It’s only 70 miles between Parowan and that part of Utah. That beats the 300 miles between her home in Arizona and the inn, which Meri Brown drives many weekends. So, it’s looking more and more like the Brown family might be back in Uhauls on the new TLC season.

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