‘Sister Wives’: Kody Slams Meri – They Don’t Trust Her with Pond Property

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown once again has Kody Brown spraying a despicable remark about her on camera which suggests Meri can’t be trusted. It sounds as if the Sister Wives patriarch has other plans than what he first led his wives to believe in previous episodes of this TLC series.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Gets Another Insult in Public

Meri and Kody went with Robyn Brown to Coyote Pass in Sunday’s episode. This is the land the Sister Wives clan planned on developing with four forever homes. But as they discussed which plot of land goes to which of the wives, it got heated.

This happened in the previous season as well. The Sister Wives ladies argued over the different lots of land. Kody put Meri somewhere she didn’t like, in the trees. What she wanted was the property that has the pond on it.

But Kody said Meri didn’t want that piece of property when it was offered to her, so he assigned her another building lot. Then when Kody sat by himself later in the episode he confessed.

Meri wants the land that holds the pond. But the other Sister Wives ladies don’t trust that they’ll always have access to the pond if the property is deeded to her.

While he didn’t say which of the other wives felt this way, he also didn’t provide any more details about what he just said. So it appears as if Kody blurted out something awful about Meri Brown.

To the Sister Wives fans, it sounds as if her co-wives don’t trust her, from what their shared husband had to say. Kody said that Meri Brown is unaware of how the other wives feel. Well, she probably got a rude awakening after watching Kody spill this on national television.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Kody Brown Applies The Brakes

So, now that Christine Brown sold her Vegas house, it appears they have money to start the process of building. But Kody puts the brakes on construction for his Sister Wives ladies. Fans learn that Kody and his spouses own seven lots on Coyote Pass, not just four as originally thought.

He has one for each of his ladies to build their own house. Then two are for homes either to rent out or for their Sister Wives kids to have if they decided to move nearby.

When Kody came back from the lawyer last season he shared with his wives how starved Flagstaff is for rental homes. At the time he was so deep in thought that he had smoke coming out of his ears. He wanted to rent out homes after building them on their land. His Sister Wives brides were not at all impressed at the time.

So when he mentions this again, they look rather peeved. The ladies want to find themselves situated in their own homes first. But instead Kody Brown bucks them all the way. He tells them just because they sold Christine’s house doesn’t mean he has money.

Fans later learn that the Sister Wives patriarch is secure right where he is. He loves the home that he purchased with Robyn Brown. Then the ladies figure something else out about Kody Brown today.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Co-Wives Read Papa Like a Newspaper

Kody likes the fact that the wives live as if they were separate families, suggests Christine Brown when she is alone talking to the camera. Kody Brown says the same thing.

He has his time with the camera as well and mirrors what his third bride said. He thinks his Sister Wives women like their lives separate and they also like not having to bother with the other wives.

The Sister Wives four moms all agreed that nothing happens on Coyote Pass until Kody initiates it. He said in his private interview that he’s stalling.

Sister Wives fans offered many suggestions like put up four modular homes. They are cute and modern. Kody Brown said the building code doesn’t allow this but they have “big plans” in place.

Janelle Brown was not at all impressed by Kody Brown’s attempt to become a real estate mogul and build seven homes. The Sister Wives co-wives think it’s time to stop with big plans and just build homes for the four wives and their kids.

Still, some fans suggest that they would love to be a fly on the wall. Especially when Meri Brown hears that the wives won’t trust her with the pond property. They believe she’d block access to it for the rest of the family. Such a tangled web Kody Brown weaves.

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