‘Sister Wives’: Kody & Brides Blow It – Only about Paychecks Today?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown and his co-wives offer too many clues that leave fans thinking this series is only about a paycheck today. Sister Wives fans see Kody and Meri so out of touch with each other that it’s almost comical at times.

That’s not to say the other Sister Wives ladies enjoy blooming romances with the man who spends a disturbing amount of time on his hair every day. The clues racked up over time. Today many fans think they’re watching a married man with three ex-wives.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown and Kody Brown

For a couple who boasts 30-years of marriage together, you have to wonder if they even talk. Just the simple question of, “are you two still together”, seems to stump them. At best fans get polarized answers from Meri and her shared Sister Wives hubby.

Meri’s take is that she never left and she’s still very much part of the family. She announced to the world about a month ago that she loved this man and she is going nowhere. She passed that along to fans as the new season opener neared.

On the other hand, Kody announced that he no longer lives with Meri. He follows that up by saying that it’s been this way for the past four or five years. His take on sex and romance – Kody believes you save romance and sex for people in love.

All this sounds like code to the fans that Kody no longer participates in his husbandly duties after dark. Or one side of Meri’s bed is cold and has been that way for several years. Kody also said straight out that he no longer wants to get intimate with Meri Brown.

Sister Wives Kody Brown

Janelle Brown and Christine Brown Amp It Up

Janelle Brown is a fan favorite from Sister Wives probably for a good reason. She doesn’t seem to offer any bait and switch tidbits to draw in the fans. If she says it’s going to happen, then it usually does just like she said. She’s been Kody’s buddy even before they married. So Janelle’s relationship stayed pretty much the same from the beginning until today.

Then there is the third woman to marry Kody, Christine Brown. It doesn’t appear as if Christine even talks to Kody or the other Sister Wives. Even the ladies contradict one another as if they are far off from each other’s reality.

A recent case in point… Janelle asked a question at their explosive luncheon last week. She wanted to know what the Principle (living in a plural marriage) means to each of her spouses. For Janelle, she included that a plural marriage allows you to work away from jealousy and live your life free of that emotion.

But Christine piped up to say how she’s still jealous over Kody with the other Sister Wives women. So, it appears these two don’t talk about anything deeper than food recipes. That was quite the disconnect after living in a plural marriage for almost 30 years.

Christine also wants nothing to do with living in one big house as the other wives entertain the thought again. She likes living on her own, suggesting to the Sister Wives viewers she’s gotten used to being a single mom.

She even went as for as saying how Kody’s visits interrupt the momentum she’s got going on at home. So it appears she doesn’t necessarily look forward to his visits all the time.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown- Robyn Brown - Kody Brown - Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Needs To Get On Same Page

The only one of the Sister Wives women that fans believe is really a marriage partner to Kody is Robyn Brown. But it appears Kody Brown and Robyn don’t talk that much either as they too are disconnected with some thoughts.

This case in point has to do with kids. Kody Brown recently did an interview. He said they won’t have any more biological kids but… there’s always a possibility of adoption.

Robyn, who talked separately in this new interview, hesitated when she was asked the same questions about more kids. But the youngest of all the Sister Wives moms said it is up to the guy upstairs.

If they want more kids then God will provide more. So she didn’t say no like the Sister Wives patriarch. All of these contradictions have fans’ heads spinning and asking if these people even know each other anymore.

This type of communication between the Sister Wives adults sparked the fan-theory that these people are pretty much defunct as relationships go. But they do well when it comes to spinning the drama which is what makes a popular reality series.

So to many of the viewers, it looks like the five Sister Wives adults are gainfully employed by a reality series. Even though they don’t seem to have a clue about what goes on in each other’s lives today they go through the motions.

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