‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Takes Ride on Wild Side This Week

Sister Wives star Kody Brown gets all four of Kody Brown’s ladies to join him on a road trip that turns into a car full of facial grimaces and silence. But once they get to their destination this TLC show’s newest episode gets interesting. That’s when two of Kody Brown’s Sister Wives ladies get angry and storm out of the room.

So where is their destination and why did two wives become peeved enough to flee the conversation? It sounds like it all started as a last-ditch effort on Kody’s part to get his Sister Wives ladies in the mood for some togetherness.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Finds Grass Greener On Road Trip

This week a new interview emerged that enlightened Sister Wives fans on the co-wives’ thoughts about Coyote Pass. When the last season ended it looked as if all of them, except for Janelle Brown, snuffed out Kody’s big house ideas. But on this Sunday night’s new episode, Kody tries once again.

After hearing his Sister Wives ladies complain about the separation in the family with four homes, Kody plans a fix. Not all the Sister Wives ladies turned down Kody’s one big house idea. In a recent interview, it’s revealed that Janelle advocates for it but not to the extent of losing one of the co-wives.

Meri and Roby Brown remain on the fence with a 50/50 outlook. But both say they’re willing to give it a chance. This leaves Christine Brown who seems on her high horse as she slams the idea. So, what is the next thing Kody can do to change their minds? It appears a road trip this week supplies the answer.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and Ladies

Baby Steps – Work On Togetherness In a Car First

Last week, Kody Brown and the Sister Wives fans heard the four ladies talk about the lack of togetherness. They all seem to miss the closeness the family once shared. Kody Brown gave them a solution for this, a huge dwelling for all of them. But Christine is adamant she won’t live under the same roof as her co-wives.

So, Kody takes the Sister Wives ladies on a road trip where they visit another polygamous family. The only thing different between Kody Brown’s brood and his friend’s family is housing. The family they visit has a few wives and one husband living in one home.

Apparently, this Sister Wives road trip went belly-up when it came to changing minds. Kody narrates a clip of this up-and-coming episode and he sounds over the top with frustration. He describes two wives mad at him after the talk they have with this family.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown- Robyn Brown - Kody Brown - Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Five Adults Break Out In Various Emotions

Of course, Kody pushed for all of them to live together like his friend. Surprisingly enough, many fans agree with Kody. But Meri Brown looks furious in a room by herself. Christine walks outside and gets on her phone. Apparently, she too is spitting tacks.n

It sounds like Christine threatens to leave the Sister Wives family at one point during this new season. Maybe she appears to have one foot out the door for this reason.

Anyway, this road trip sounds horrendous and it also appears as if it didn’t do the job Kody set out to do. That’s getting his Sister Wives brides all under the same roof.

Check out the next episode of the new Sister Wives season on Sunday at 10 pm. And, come back to Soap Dirt for all the latest news on the Brown clan from this TLC reality show.