‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Takes Back the Reins – Calls Women’s Bluff Next Week

Sister Wives star Kody Brown looks quite hen-pecked as the new season opened but not for long. Soon, he puts an abrupt stop to it. Next Sunday night, Kody takes all four wives for what may be a road trip of misery. Kody Brown’s four wives’ faces display various stages of disenchantment as they travel to their destination.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Weathered The Punches

Sister Wives fans watched the long-drawn-out meal last week. Kody Brown wasn’t at the helm of this family meeting. It seems Janelle Brown pulled it together to hash out some problems. It blew up not too long after the appetizers were cleared. Christine Brown spread misery as she claimed she felt hated. Robyn Brown sobbed when thinking all of this was her fault.

Meri Brown did something different than the whole bunch of them. She sat quietly and took it all in. Janelle went at this very diplomatically. But die-hard Sister Wives fans know there’s not much diplomacy when it comes to the adults in this tribe. But the second lady to join this Sister Wives marriage gave it a good try.

Kody Brown appeared very outnumbered. Once, when the Sister Wives patriarch tried to offer his two cents, Robyn barked at him. In a tone that surely meant shut-up, she told her shared husband she could speak for herself. Kody listened to all the complaints. Although Meri didn’t appear forthcoming with hers, she agreed to something Janelle said. But Janelle had to push her to get her to give up that tidbit.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown- Robyn Brown - Kody Brown - Christine Brown

Blow Up In The Aftermath

It appears the dust settled from that heated meal they shared. The Sister Wives leader wasn’t very leader-like during the first episode last week. But it appears he makes up for it next week. That’s when Kody puts on his big boy pants. One of his first orders of duty is to tell the wives how to fix their problems.

This Sister Wives husband of four tells them he’s tired of hearing about how unhappy they’ve become. So he suggests in no uncertain terms that they fix it… not him. While Kody Brown is not a fan-favorite for many viewers, he did get some applause for taking this stand. Their unhappiness stems from the separation in the family.

But when Kody’s Sister Wives big house seemed to address that problem, he was shot down. While Janelle backed him, Robyn and Meri seemed on the fence. But it was Christine who absolutely refused to do this from the beginning and she refuses once again next week despite what she learns.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Try, Try Again…

It seems as if Kody holds Christine responsible for putting the brakes on this house where she and her three sister spouses would be together. This road trip stops at the home of Kody’s friend, who also lives in a polygamous family. But the only difference between Kody and his friend is that his buddy and wives all live under one roof.

Once there, they listen to his friend and his sister-wives advocate for this type of polygamous housing. Christine seems upset as she hears Kody, Janelle, and Robyn advocate for getting the family together in one house. But as the Sister Wives hubby narrates the scene he says he now has both Christine and Meri mad at him. Both of these wives leave the gathering.

Christine goes outside and gets on her phone. Meri appears in a room all alone going through her purse. The screenshots of the two women after they left the gathering appear above. Kody Brown did offer the solution to his four wives’ complaints. They all said how the closeness of the family is what the Principle is all about. They all highlighted living together like sisters.

But when allowed to have this, Christine declines. It seems as if she is ready to leave and go back to Utah over this as well, which seems to indicate her level of anger. It appears life becomes messy, more so than ever, in this new Sister Wives season. Next Sunday’s episode looks a bit more exciting than the season opener. Tune in to watch the new episode on Sunday night at 10 pm EST.

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