‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown and Co-Wives Spawn Puns In Throwback Pic

Sister Wives celeb Kody Brown and his four wives appeared in tons of photos over the last decade but one pic, the fans can do without. Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown round out the co-wives of Kody Brown’s Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: The Wives Honor Their Husband Kody Brown In Gawdy Attire

It seems a throwback picture that circulates every so often popped up again recently. Sister Wives fans immediately took jabs at what Kody Brown and his four co-wives wore in the photo. Some fans called the clothes “gawdy”.

Sometimes it’s hard to realize it, but these four ladies have a sense of humor. Maybe their shared husband, Kody does too. If he does, he seems to keep it hidden well on the TLC reality series.

In this throwback photo of Kody Brown and his wives, fans suggest they look rather ridiculous but don’t seem to realize it. Sister Wives followers theorize that someone made five outfits out of potato sacks for Kody and his four ladies. So, their fans now debate who looked the worse.

Kody Brown and the family’s followers suggest every one of them looks like a matronly mother of the bride. This includes Kody’s brand new wife at the time, Robyn. So, demonstrating their sense of humor was probably not what they were going for. Instead, fans think they dressed in these ill-fitting outfits to honor Kody Brown. Yep, honor thy shared husband.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Robyn Brown In Brown Clothes

TLC Reality Show Family Decked Out In Brown

The Sister Wives picture was taken as part of Robyn and Kody Brown’s wedding events. Everyone was dressed in brown for family photos. But the fans point out how uncomfortable the women look in the ill-fitting styles picked out for them.

Robyn wore the traditional wedding dress, one that looked as if it was made for royalty. Those photos below came out just lovely. But when the Sister Wives spouses put on their brown-colored outfits things changed. So, now the Browns were all in brown and Kody was tickled pink.

Sister Wives enthusiasts point out it is the worst shade of brown they could have picked. They also debate which of all five outfits is the worst. They included Kody’s awkwardly tailored suit into the mix of bad visuals.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Robyn Brown In Brown Clothes

Sister Wives: Puns Spin Among Potato Sack Comparisons

But since the family played on the color brown in that photo, puns started emerging. First, someone pointed out how many of the Sister Wives kids’ names are the names of cities. Like Logan, Madison, Savanah, and Dayton.

Next, they threw out names that go with brown to name any future kids. In keeping with the city theme, they suggested “Cleveland” Brown for a future offspring. They also tossed around “Hash” as in hash browns, and of course “Charlie” for the iconic Charlie Brown.

But when all was said and done, the fans remained baffled as to why these four women, newly famous at the time, would dress like this. One commenter suggested, “I truly can’t decide which dress is more hideous. They’re all so unflattering.” Kody got his fair share of cracks as well. He was likened to a “large Hobbit”.

Another said she took her time trying to decide which outfit was the worst, but an impossible feat because “they are all so bad”. Then another suggested they dressed so old-lady-ish because that’s how they’re required to dress very modestly for their religion.

The answer to that comment – “There’s modest and then there’s a potato sack,” suggested yet another Sister Wives enthusiast. It looks as if fans just can’t get enough of this family even between seasons they find some of the shortcomings of days gone by.

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