‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown’s Latest Kody Brown Pic Leaves Fans a Bit Ticked Off

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown‘s latest pic includes Kody Brown and one of his daughters, Savanah Brown, but some fans see it as sad rather than endearing. Janelle posted the photo of her daughter Savanah sitting next to dad Kody Brown.

It seems Janelle meant the post to demonstrate a nice father-daughter moment, but fans don’t see it like that. The 15-year-old leans in and puts her head on her father’s shoulder but many fans think the Sister Wives dad looks totally unimpressed.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Goes For Endearing Moment

Janelle Brown writes how the pandemic changed their family activities. The second co-wife in the Sister Wives clan captured the father-daughter moment as they looked over the local scenery.

Janelle Brown wrote that they were watching the sunset from a local ski resort when she captured this photo. While Janelle shared this as an endearing moment between Kody and Savanah Brown, the Sister Wives followers saw something else.

Savanah is the Sister Wives offspring who is rarely seen. Fans have a place in their heart for this young girl. One of the followers of the TLC reality series writes how she seems like the forgotten child because she’s rarely seen.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Savanah Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Savanah Brown Photo Comments

Is Kody Brown Even Aware That His Adorable Daughter is There?

In the Brown Family’s defense, maybe Savanah doesn’t like being on camera. If that’s the case, then they should probably get kudos for not forcing her to be in the public eye.

Fans adore the youngest daughter of Janelle Brown and have nothing but kind words to say about her. But the same can’t be said about Kody as they zero in on the Sister Wives patriarch.

Janelle captured a look on Kody’s face that fans have a field day with online today. The person who posted the picture to one of the Sister Wives discussion groups titled it “He finally met Savanah!”

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and His Adopted Kids

Sister Wives: Janelle’s Shared Husband Kody Cowboys Up

Fans of the TLC reality series Sister Wives came out swinging at Kody Brown today. After seeing that picture Janelle posted showing his lovely daughter cuddling up to dad. But in this captured moment in time, Kody didn’t seem to give anything back.

He did look intent on finishing whatever it was he was eating with a spoon out of that cup. Fans pointed out online the difference between Kody with Savanah and a photo he snapped with Robyn’s kids, his adopted children. That photo above is from years ago, but Savanah’s photo is new. Still, they pointed out the difference. He’s all smiles and looking as if he is very into the moment. But they don’t see that with this photo posted by Janelle.

Janelle shares another tidbit via her post. Check out her shared husband, she points out that he transitioned to boots and a pickup truck. Looks like the leader of the Sister Wives tribe might fancy himself a cowboy since his move to Flagstaff. He certainly moves his family around. He’s done this so much so, that he mirrors a cowboy on another old fashioned cattle drive.

So, did Janelle Brown capture one second in time where Kody’s facial expression didn’t coincide with his mood? Or is he completely oblivious to his family members after all the stress he claims to endure these days?

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