‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Gives Flagstaff Restaurant Shout-out

Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown, wife of Kody Brown, gave a Flagstaff restaurant a shout-out on her Instagram on Thursday night. When there’s not much happening on TV fans of the polygamous family enjoy following their posts on social media. Janelle Brown commented that she’d never seen an appetizer cooked like the one she had, and fans went crazy for wanting to eat her meal.

It became apparent from followers who commented, that Flagstaff people are really nice. Actually, Kody Brown and his family were thinking Flagstaff people would be tolerant of their lifestyle choices.

‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown’s shout-out didn’t read as sponsored

So often, reality TV show celebs shout-out because they get paid a lot of money to do so. In fact, some stars seem to mainly post the adds and very little about themselves on the social network site. However, this one Janelle posted seems to be a genuine appreciation for good service and awesome food. People who ate there before seemed to agree with her. As Jenelle Brown said, she’d never seen artichokes served like that before and other people who’d eaten them noted they were delicious. Some fans might want to look at the photo to try and recreate them.

Jenelle Brown wrote that when she and Kody Brown dined out she went for hearts of artichoke. Others who dined there pointed out that Italian-cooked artichokes rock. It appears they need some steaming before grilling, if you want to try it at home. One funny comment came from kerysdownes who wrote, “@janellebrown117, Wowza! I could actually put my face on that right now ? xxx they looked so good that.” The artichokes do look a bit spoon-ish in shape and another user also made a light comment that at first, she thought they were odd shaped spoons. The post below shows how that confusion could have happened.

Olives and best pizza according to Janelle Brown

Jenelle Brown and her fans discussed the pizza which she described as “the best wood fired pizza I’ve ever had.” Fans who know the place either live there, have family there, or vacation in Flagstaff often. Judging by the reactions, if you go to Flagstaff, you won’t go wrong with their meals at Fat Olives. However, you may not have to go to Flagstaff for that. User janet.907 noted “a Fat Olives in Homer, Alaska.” Nevertheless, user hulet_howler said it’s not a chain and one of “our own.” But in fairness to Flagstaff restaurants, some of the Sister Wives followers noted other restaurants in the area present awesome meals as well.

@susan4021i recommended the Beaver Street Brewery for great atmosphere and “their salsa, they should bottle that stuff up.” Salasa Bravo for Mexican food came in with a thumbs up. Yet another place called Brandy’s on Cedar seems recommended for breakfast. Approval also tagged another Flagstaff favorite called Oreganos.

Flagstaff people seem very friendly towards Kody Brown and family

Fans of Sister Wives know that many people frown on plural families, but not one comment was bad on Janelle’s post. Locals who commented had nothing but nice things to say, which is wonderful for Janelle and the rest of the extended family. What do think about grilled artichokes that look like wooden spoons and taste delicious? Will you try them at home?

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