‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Ready to Toot by in RV Leaving Kody Brown in the Dust?

Sister Wives celeb Janelle Brown always wanted an RV even though it often became the brunt of a Kody Brown joke when she’d bring up the idea. Even though that joke emerged from Kody, Janelle also heard it from her three other Sister Wives through the decades as well.

Sister Wives: Does Janelle Brown Develop a Gasoline Heart?

The second wife of Kody Brown touring the country in an RV doesn’t seem too-far stretched anymore. Janelle Brown is in line to soon experience a Sister Wives empty nest. So, taking to the road in an RV is something Janelle toys with. But stopping off for visits with her kids is what seems to spark more of the interest in an RV for Janelle.

But it looks as if Janelle Brown won’t have her shared husband join her. Kody made that quite clear on the latest Sister Wives episode. It also seems as if the tables slowly turned on Kody Brown. At one time he had three young wives at home. Back then they cared for a dozen or so kids while he drove around in a sports car.

Now those three young wives are older. This Sister Wives trio don’t have toddlers anymore. Meri Brown already lives the life of an empty nest parent today. Then there’s Janelle who’s not too far behind. Christine has Truly still at an age where a babysitter is needed. But her other kids move closer to their college-ages every day.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Kody Brown Has to Pick Up the Slack for Three Co-Wives

Meri, Janelle, and Christine’s kids are almost all grown up, except for Truly who isn’t in high school yet. This poses a problem for both Kody and Robyn Brown, which they recently addressed on the show. First, Robyn feels slighted. While she was there to help with the Sister Wives offspring during the last decade, she’s not getting much help today with Kody’s two youngest kids.

The part of a plural marriage where the wives take part in raising all the kids isn’t happening for Kody’s youngest wife. So it looks as if this time around that job falls to Kody Brown.

Kody Brown reminded Janelle that he still has little ones at home so he’s pretty much anchored with these responsibilities. Fans just love Janelle Brown for her tendency to come out and share her thoughts. She said right into the Sister Wives camera that she didn’t picture Kody in that RV when she mulled it over in her mind’s eye.

While the family gets a kick out of Janelle’s wanderlust for the road, Kody is afraid she’ll stop the older Sister Wives kids from coming to Flagstaff to visit the rest of the family. If she goes to them, they might not find themselves feeling homesick enough to visit the rest of the family.

Sister Wives: Full Nest In the Cards For Kody

It looks like Janelle Brown still entertains running the roads in an RV. But, it also looks like that’s not something Kody can share with his wife Janelle. Kody’s wings get clipped as the other Sister Wives don’t have any little ones running around anymore. He now takes the place of his fellow Sister Wives women when it comes to childcare for Robyn and Kody’s two youngest.

Sure, Kody had his fun running around in that sports car when Sister Wives first aired. But it looks like he’ll be the one staying home now as his three original wives soon won’t have childcare responsibilities.

Kody Brown, 51, Meri Brown, 49, Janelle Brown, 50, and Christine Brown, 47, are all within the same age group. Robyn Brown, 41, is about a decade behind the group. So as the empty nest phase of life begins for the three original wives, Kody and Robyn fall about a decade behind them.

This is a stage in life where wives expect to do things with their husbands that they were just too busy to do before. But this husband will still be too busy long after the original three wives sit home without kids.

The Sister Wives think they are facing problems today over a shared house battle. But wait until Meri, Janelle, and Christine are home alone once the kids have gone. It looks as if their empty nest days will remain empty as their husband continues raising his youngest kids.

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