‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Reveals Twisted Side to Kody’s Aging Process

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is all about family but she rarely talks about her shared husband, Kody Brown. In the past, Janelle has taken and shared lots of pictures of Kody spending time with his 18 children. But that hasn’t happened in some time.

It looks like all the Sister Wives ladies tend not to talk about Kody too much online. Janelle Brown is no exception to that unofficial rule.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Asked About Kody Brown

Kody Brown himself doesn’t seem to show up on his sites very much these days. All four of the Sister Wives co-wives have been asked a lot of questions online about Kody Brown through the years. Some of these inquiries can sound really strange.

Most of the time the ladies don’t answer the questions asked about the Sister Wives family leader. But for one reason or another, once in a while, they do. It seems Janelle Brown came across one of those questions about Kody today. For some unknown reason this one she felt compelled to answer.

An inquisitive Sister Wives follower apparently admires Kody Brown’s hair. The commenter suggested to Janelle Brown that the Sister Wives patriarch’s curls are so “defined” and simply “look great”. Although, the person did add how his hair looks much different from the earlier days of Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Hair

The Question Is…

So, the question asked had to do with what Kody uses on his coiffure. “Do you know what curl cream your husband has been using,” this person asked Janelle Brown.

It seems the second wife of this Sister Wives tribe gave away her husband’s secret. The curl cream the fan thought he uses apparently doesn’t exist. But Janelle did offer up a reason for those descriptive curls.

Janelle answered – it’s “age” that curled his hair. She said that as Kody gets older his hair seems to get curlier. So it’s not a hair product giving him the look in the photo below. So, is that what a guy who takes on four wives has to look forward to as he gets closer to his golden years?

Some men go bald with age but Kody Brown got lucky. There’s a twisted side to the shared hubby’s aging process. Instead of losing his hair, it just twists into perfectly defined ringlets.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case all the time. The pictures of Kody Brown above come from the last two seasons of Sister Wives. In some of the photos, it seems those defined ringlets kinked up into a bunch of frizz.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: The Wives Have a Name For Kody Brown’s Hair

Janelle, Meri Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown refer to their husband’s hair as Kody Brown’s fifth wife. They get so many questions and comments about their husband’s hair that they’ve dubbed his mop-top wife number five.

That question the fan asked Janelle Brown might just entice her hubby to hop online and offer something else to that fan’s question. This guy is very proud of his hair and it seems he likes to talk about it as well.

The Sister Wives women know all too well the amount of time that goes into Kody’s daily ritual of styling his own hair. They’ve put it to music on the show and they’ve even featured the shared husband’s blow-drying procedure. It takes Kody a long time to get his hair in those ringlets that the fan refers to when asking Janelle about the secret of Kody’s curls.

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