‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Fans Rally after Kody Brown’s ‘Rude’ Blurb

Sister Wives star Kody Brown shot a quip at Janelle Brown that some fans consider an embarrassment, so they rallied to her side over it. On Sunday night’s episode, Kody Brown attempted to plant a kiss on Janelle.

It looked as though he bumped into her sunglasses and they jabbed him in the eye. But it’s what he said in the aftermath that caused friction from some of the Sister Wives viewers. That’s especially the case for the fans who follow Janelle Brown.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown is Skilled at This

Veteran viewers of the Sister Wives show caught scenes of Kody Brown in the past skirting blame. One of the more recent examples of this has to do with their Flagstaff relocation.

While still in Vegas, Kody reminded his family that he is their leader. He felt there were times he had to lead his family in a direction they might not want to go.

So his desire to move to Flagstaff became a reality for the Sister Wives clan. Even though the family didn’t want to go in that direction at that particular point in time, he led them there.

Despite all the reasons his Sister Wives family offered the shared-husband against the move, Kody pushed onward.

But on the show, now that the move is on the brink of disaster, it’s no longer just his idea. He claims the decision to move came from all five people within this plural marriage.

Sister Wives: Tweets

Not Big On Taking Blame

Kody didn’t take sole blame for this Flagstaff move and this probably doesn’t surprise the long-time Sister Wives followers. But in last week’s episode, Kody had a small mishap. Once again the Sister Wives husband of four found a way to share the blame.

In the last Sister Wives episode, the family gathered for holiday festivities. At one point Kody met Janelle Brown in the driveway. He walked up to Janelle to kiss her hello.

When Kody leaned into Janelle for that kiss and bumped into the sunglasses on her head, he analyzed this. To Kody, it was also a shared problem.

Sister Wives: Kiss Analyzed For Janelle Brown

This Sister Wives scene probably would have been forgotten in a few moments as it was so quick to play out. That is if Kody Brown didn’t add his explanation into the mix. This caught Janelle Brown’s fans’ attention.

Kody had a simple mishap, one that could happen to anyone. But instead of a simple “oops I missed”, Kody had to offer a reason for the situation. He asked Janelle if she noticed how their kisses always seem awkward. While Janelle Brown shot back a “no,” the fans quipped back more than that.

One Sister Wives fan said her “heart broke” for Janelle after Kody’s comment. Another called his action “rude” and still others saw a lack of tack on Kody’s part. Some fans also felt Kody embarrassed Janelle.

While many fans popped upped to say Janelle Brown didn’t deserve that comment, others saw Kody Brown as only joking. Although the replies also suggested Janelle’s comeback didn’t seem comedy based.

So, it looks like Kody Brown led his family to Flagstaff. But as the bottom fell out he revisited the move as a shared decision. Even when a kiss he initiates doesn’t make contact the way he intended, he seems to find a reason to share the blame.

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