‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Reports Turmoil and She Doesn’t Exaggerate

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown is often looked at as the more the level headed wife out of the four wives so when she talks, fans listen. Janelle doesn’t stick her head out often to report controversial topics regarding the family. So when she recently shared a post about the upheaval in the new season rolling out in a few weeks, Janelle Brown’s followers know it’s serious.

Sister Wives: When Janelle Posts – Fans Notice

Janelle Brown has filled her social media sites with pictures of her kids, her pup, and her cooking experiments. The second wife of Kody Brown very seldom, if ever, posts any news of friction among the Sister Wives tribe. But recently, Janelle did just that.

The new season promises turmoil among the Sister Wives spouses. Kody Brown’s move divided the Brown house rather than strengthen the family ties. This is what Janelle Brown’s latest post conveys. It looks as if she borrowed the blurb from TLC, but if Janelle shared this, fans can be certain it’s no exaggeration.

The preview clip for Sister Wives upcoming season 14 shows all four wives peeved at one point during the season. Janelle Brown is in a desperate mode and seems very frustrated.

The clip also shows that Robyn Brown crying as Kody yells at her. Then the preview highlights Meri Brown, who is furious at Kody Brown for something he did to her. Christine Brown also weighs in by putting her foot down about something Kody insists upon. Yes, this is a house divided from the looks of the previews.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown

Kody Brown Caught Between All Four Wives?

Back in Vegas, Kody showed a great deal of urgency to the wives about moving to Flagstaff. Even a few of the Sister Wives adult children picked up on this. One suggested it was as if Kody was running from something, but she had no idea what that might be.

So Kody made a bunch of promises, which seem to turn up as empty promises in the new Sister Wives season premiere video. This is the first time in recent memory that Janelle posted anything about the family that indicates problems within the Brown clan.

Janelle Brown’s post starts out with “A house divided”. It also indicates that Kody Brown “is caught in the middle of his four wives”. But many viewers suggest he put himself in that position. The promises he made to his wives about this move to Flagstaff didn’t seem to materialize.

Sister Wives: Is Janelle the Only Wife Who Comes to Kody’s Defense?

Kody promised four homes for the four Sister Wives women on Coyote Pass in the last season. Jump ahead to the preview clip above, he is not only trying to sell his one huge home idea to the Brown wives, but he is also basically saying there’s no option. It’s one big house for everyone.

When Kody sits his family down to show them the virtual tour of the new big house on the TV screen – protests immediately emerge. Moans, groans, and noises of despair come from the Sister Wives members. But Janelle Brown seems to quiet everyone down by asking them to give Kody a chance.

Still, Janelle Brown is not without her disappointments with Kody’s sudden move. She looks very disenchanted in the promo clip due to the Vegas houses just sitting. Janelle gives up every weekend to drive from her new home in Flagstaff back to Vegas to hold open houses. So she might not be all that happy with Kody’s big push out of Vegas like the other wives.

So, the new season promises to be filled with turmoil. If that wasn’t the case, Janelle Brown wouldn’t have shared the post with her fans.

Tune in to TLC to catch the premiere of season 14 of Sister Wives when it rolls out on January 5, 2020.

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