‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Felt Threatened By Christine But Janelle a Different Story?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown once described some odd dynamics within Kody Brown‘s plural marriage concerning Janelle Brown and Christine Brown. This reveal by Meri Brown seems to offer the foundation for relationships within the Sister Wives clan seen today. It may help explain what’s going on between the four wives of Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Never Rubbed Wrong Way By Janelle Brown

What Meri Brown shared during an interview several years ago at first sounded almost like an insult to Janelle. That is until Meri backed it up a bit and explained.

Meri Brown is Kody Brown’s first wife and Janelle came along as his second wife a few years later. The Sister Wives women have talked about jealousy at different points during their time on the reality show. But back in a 2012 interview, Meri explained the dynamics among the first three Sister Wives spouses before Robyn Brown’s time with the family.

Back when Meri and Janelle Brown shared Kody as a husband, they did so without too much interference from feelings. But then Christine came along. It seems something about the third wife sparked jealousy for the matriarch of the Sister Wives, admits Meri during this interview.

When Janelle came to the family, Meri did not feel threatened at all by her. But Christine joining this plural marriage was a different story for the first wife of the Sister Wives clan.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Christine Brown

Christine Brown Competition?

On the Anderson Cooper Live show in 2012, Meri Brown attempted to explain this. But at first, it sounded a bit strange when she talked about Janelle and Kody. Meri didn’t look at Janelle as a romantic threat when it came to Kody. She described Janelle and Kody’s relationship more like buddies.

Of course, Anderson pipped up to remind Meri that Janelle has kids with Kody so romance happened several times. While all five of the Sister Wives spouses laughed at what the host said, Janelle spoke up to explain what Meri Brown was getting at.

Janelle Brown explained how each wife has a different relationship with Kody Brown. For Janelle, she described a more cerebral relationship with her shared husband. That falls into place with what Kody Brown said several seasons later.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Buddies Up

The Brown patriarch called Janelle his buddy and said she’s like one of the guys during the last Sister Wives season. But back during that interview in 2012, Kody did chime in to tell Anderson Cooper that his relationship with Janelle is also romantic.

Meri Brown didn’t feel threatened by what Janelle and Kody had going in their Sister Wives relationship. But when Christine came into the family as the third wife, Meri did feel threatened. She saw Kody and Christine as more romantic characters in this marriage. So she admits that she had a hard time once Christine joined the Sister Wives tribe.

This might seem strange to some Sister Wives fans because Robyn Brown appears more of romantic interest to Kody than any of the other wives. But Robyn seems to respect boundaries when the wives show up in one place together with Kody Brown. Christine tends to step over the line.

Robyn, who was new to the family when this interview took place, wasn’t mentioned. During the clip below they discussed the earlier years of their plural marriage. It was before Robyn was on the horizon.

But in later seasons all three of the older Sister Wives ladies admitted jealousy emerged when Robyn came on board. Christine left the family home when Robyn stepped in as Kody’s fourth wife. Apparently, she felt that romantic jealousy that Meri Brown experienced when Christine first arrived.

Dynamics of Brown Clan

This might explain some of the dynamics seen between all four wives still today on recent seasons of Sister Wives. Meri and Christine Brown don’t seem to get along, so maybe the animosity festered through the years. Janelle seems like a friend to everyone, especially Kody.

Of course, Robyn sparked jealousy to new heights among the Sister Wives when she entered the Brown family. Online chatter seems to put Robyn as Kody’s main romantic squeeze even today. During the last season, Christine made it easy to see she still yearned for Kody’s affection.

In a scene shot in her kitchen, she moved in for a hug but Kody appeared awkward about that embrace. The four wives of Kody Brown make it a point not to show any type of romance for their husband when there’s a chance the other wives might see it.

Christine seems to have a hard time containing herself when she’s around her husband at times. Even after a few decades with Kody she still gushes when he’s around.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown -Kody Brown - Janelle Brown - Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Causes Some Sour Faces

This might explain why you don’t often see Kody with his hands on any wives during the episodes. A quick kiss hello or goodbye is about it for the shared husband. .

In the first photo above, Christine moves in for a hug from Kody during the last season. You can see by his body language that he doesn’t want to do this. Christine has a tendency to be the doting wife when it comes to her shared husband. A few seasons back when all four of Kody’s wives had lunch in a restaurant, he called Christine.

The way Christine talked to Kody with the other wives within earshot caused some animosity. It looks like both Janelle and Robyn didn’t appreciate Christine’s tone with their shared husband. Both appeared unamused to put it nicely.

Last season viewers also got to see Christine Brown and Meri Brown attempt to hash it out. As Meri said to the TLC camera, Christine was straight forward but maybe a bit too straight forward during that conversation.

Christine told Meri she brings baggage with her into a room and fans hopped online to suggest Christine was too condescending. She basically lambasted Meri and social media chimed in to defend the first wife from the Sister Wives show.

But looking back into their history, it’s just not the modern-day problems driving the bus on Meri and Christine Brown’s relationship. The animosity they seem to share when it comes to each other appears to have roots dating back to the day Christine joined the family.

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