‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Drops Clue That She’s Moved – Has Janelle Also?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown was so enthused about the topic of her latest video that she may have unintentionally offered up a clue to a move. Meri just returned to Flagstaff from Chicago with an old friend in tow. After visiting her daughter Mariah Brown and her partner Audrey Kriss in the Windy City, the Sister Wives matriarch returned home with Mosby, her dog.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Reunites With Old Love

As veteran Sister Wives followers know, Mosby is Meri’s much-loved dog. But when she moved to Flagstaff, Mosby went home to Chicago with Mariah and Audrey. Maybe the plan called for Mosby to stay with her daughter until Meri settled in.

Or when visiting Chicago last week maybe Meri Brown missed her pup so much she had to bring her back home. Then there’s another possibility. Is Meri finally able to bring Mosby back home because she’s out of the rental and in her own home on Coyote Pass today?

Did Meri leave Mosby with Audrey and Mariah until she moved into her own home from the rental property in Flagstaff? Either way, Mosby is in Flagstaff with this Sister Wives spouse, who seems to enjoy the reunion to the max.

Just like becoming a new mom all over again Meri shares Mosby’s first steps in the new surroundings. While Mosby enjoys plenty of perks back home, Meri shares those moments via social media posts.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Mosby

Mosby Has the Run of the Place

The Sister Wives fan-favorite posts Mosby’s first haircut of her homecoming. The canine fanfare doesn’t stop there. One of the biggest privileges Meri Brown bestows on Mosby is the freedom to go leash-free. So it looks like the amount of space to roam overwhelms Mosby who journeys all over that plot of land.

The Sister Wives proud dog owner is heard on the video saying “where’s Mosby” as he roams far into the field. The view from that video looks awfully familiar. It looks very much like the same view that Kody Brown and his first wife, Meri Brown, checked out when first looking at Coyote Pass.

The photos of Kody Brown and Meri Brown below at Coyote Pass look similar to where Meri lets Mosby roam in her video. Both photos come from their meeting with the real estate woman on Coyote Pass when they first started looking at Flagstaff land.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Same View as Janelle Brown Offered

Janelle Brown also recently posted the picture of basically the same view. Janelle said it’s the view that the Brown family was about to enjoy during dinner. It looked very much like the Coyote Pass property the Sister Wives clan purchased with intentions of building homes or one grand home for all of the family.

At the time fans thought the Sister Wives family moved to Coyote Pass. Questions emerged but unanswered about the details of the move. Now Meri looks as if she’s in her own backyard as she puts the camera on Mosby. She’s not on camera but she somewhat narrates what Mosby is doing on this Instagram Story clip.

Mosby looks like a dog who thinks it’s all too good to be true. He can roam off the leash for as far as the eye can see. But what fans get most out of the video is Meri’s happiness and joy. She’s got Mosby back home with her.

Where in Flagstaff Does Meri Call Home Today?

The question is – what home? Did Meri Brown finally get to bring Mosby home because she’s now in her own house in Flagstaff and not a rental property? TLC is very tight-lipped with their reality shows and contracts usually make sure the reality stars remain mum as well.

There’s no official word from TLC about the Sister Wives new season at all. Besides local newspapers in Chicago reporting the Brown family filming during a previous visit to Mariah, there’s not much else reported. Although, one of the kids from the Brown brood confirmed it as well.

So reports do indicate the filming of a new season of Sister Wives is underway. Maybe it features the building of the houses or one big house. Then possibly the move to the Coyote Pass property is under wraps as well, until featured on the new season?

Many possible reasons exist for Meri Brown to take Mosby back home now. One feasible reason is the possiblily of a move into her own home where she can have pets now. Until a new season rolls out… the mystery continues.

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