Sister Wives: Janelle Brown’s Photo Hints Dinner at Coyote Pass New House?

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown teases a new Coyote Pass house in her recent post, or at least that’s how fans see it from her latest photo. With the new season of Sister Wives reportedly filming, Janelle’s post suggests to fans that Coyote Pass is one of the locations where cameras roll. Especially after she shared that it’s the spot for the Brown family dinner later in the day.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Post View From Tonight’s Supper Table?

The second wife of Kody Brown shared how the Sister Wives clan made dinner reservations. But those dinner plans come with a view. That view is seen in the post and it appears to be looking out over Coyote Pass. Does this mean the Browns will sit down for their first dinner in their new home?

The Sister Wives photo does leave a lot to the imagination. But with Janelle Brown saying their dinner takes place there tonight, fans jumped on the post to ask if that view comes from their new home at Coyote Pass.

The questions pile up for Janelle Brown on her post. It seems viewers of the show want to know if the family settled on one home. Or did they build multiple dwellings for each one of the Sister Wives ladies? Despite the numerous questions, Janelle hasn’t answered any of them yet.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Open-Ended Post Leaves Much to the Imagination

Janelle Brown also left her post very open-ended. She didn’t mention if the family intends to have dinner at a table inside a home. With the view as the only thing to go by, it could mean anything. Maybe the Brown tribe planned a picnic on their land.

From the sound of the comments on her post, they’re known in Flagstaff. It looks like the Sister Wives gathered quite the following in their new town. Several people mentioned they lived in or visited Flagstaff. Some remain on the lookout for Brown family sightings. Still, others share how they see them frequently.

One commenter wrote how they run into one or more of the Brown brood often. They also describe the family members as a very nice and friendly bunch. So with the many eyes on this TLC reality show family, if they broke ground on Coyote Pass, someone would mention it.

If the Sister Wives family built Kody Brown’s dream house someone would probably mention it. Or if the four separate dwellings went up, chances are at least one nearby fan would spill the beans.

The throwback clip below from the move to Vegas several years back demonstrates how it felt to the women of Sister Wives. Janelle shared how she felt her world turned upside down. But she seems much more relaxed this time around with their move to Flagstaff.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown House Cliffhanger From Last Season

So fans of the TLC show want to know if the Sister Wives get to live in neighboring homes or one huge attached monstrosity. A lot of preparation went into that blueprint for that one big Kody Brown castle, which is his dream house.

Viewers of the TLC show got a good look at Kody’s plans last season when he unrolled the blueprints on the table. Then a few scenes of the draftsperson explaining the layout of Kody’s proposed mansion also offered a birds eye view to the fans.

One of the cliffhangers from last season centered around the Sister Wives spouses and their reaction to that blueprint. It looks like they left the reveal of those plans for the next season. That’s Season 14, which is reportedly filming right now — and now this hint from Janelle Brown.

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