‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown Waits 9-Days to Announce Maddie’s Baby Birth

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown had the honor of announcing the arrival of her second grandchild today, nine days after the baby arrived. Maddie Brown Brush and Caleb Brush‘s baby daughter is here. The baby’s birth seemed way overdue to the fans. Especially now that the end of August neared and no baby announcement emerged.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush’s Baby Is Already Nine-Days-Old

Sister Wives enthusiasts who follow Janelle and Kody Brown thought something was up. The mystery started after Janelle flew to Maddie’s house weeks ago. She was there at the beginning of this month on baby watch. But when Janelle Brown posted a photo this week back in Flagstaff – the jig was up.

The proud mom returned to see Gabriel Brown off to his first year of college from their Flagstaff home. So, Janelle was back in Flagstaff. To many TLC show fans, that meant Maddie Brown Brush must have had her baby. It looks like the fans were correct in their timeline assumption since Evangalynn Kodi Brush was born on August 20.

It looks like Maddie and Caleb Brush, along with their two-year-old son, Axel Brush, got some alone time with the baby. Janelle Brown announced the birth of the baby girl today. They waited nine days before informing Sister Wives fans of Evangalynn’s arrival.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Kody Brown

Janelle Brown Announced Maddie Brown Brush Baby Birth

Sister Wives offspring Maddie posted a picture of her daughter announcing her name Evangalynn Kodi Brush saying she was “born right on time” on August 20. Both Janelle Brown and Christine Brown offered up several hints recently. It looks like fans learned they were in North Carolina for the baby’s arrival.

Janelle Brown got there first and said she was there before Maddie’s due date. She made sure she wouldn’t miss a thing. Then, Christine suddenly posted a picture of herself and Axel on Instagram. This offered up evidence that she was there as well.

It looks like Janelle went before the baby was born. Then, Christine flew in as the baby arrived or shortly after. Veteran Sister Wives viewers remember when Maddie gave birth to her first baby. TLC filmed a good portion of the labor as the family surrounded the mom during her home birth. Take a look at that throwback video from Maddie’s first delivery below.

Sister Wives Grandmother ‘Over the Moon’

When Maddie had Axel, she was in and out of the bathtub with a slew of family members surrounding her. She was quite the trooper as not only did she have her moms and dad with her, the camera crew filmed everything.

There’s no word on whether the other wives or Kody Brown made it to NC for the birth of their first granddaughter. But with reports of the TLC cameras hovering over the Sister Wives brood again for another season, chances are this baby’s first moments were filmed as well.

So how does Janelle Brown feel about having a new granddaughter? She declares she’s “over the moon”.

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