‘Sister Wives’: Did Maddie Brown Have Her Baby – Janelle Drops Hint?

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown went to Maddie Brown Brush‘s North Carolina home at the beginning of August to be with her daughter when she gave birth. Maddie is due with her second child, a daughter, any day now – or is the baby already here?

Over the last few seasons, Maddie Brown Brush became very popular as a mature thinker among her family of almost two dozen people. Some Sister Wives fans see Maddie Brown more realistic about life in general than her four moms and one dad. But that’s another story altogether.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Confirms She Joined Maddie Brown Brush in Baby Watch

Maddie Brown and her husband Caleb Brush expect the birth of their baby daughter sometime this month. This baby will be the second child for this Sister Wives couple, Maddie and Caleb. They also have a 2-year-old son, Axel Brush.

Janelle Brown, who’s Maddie’s biological mom, shared pictures of her stay at Maddie’s NC home online recently. On August 1, she posted a photo of Axel saying she’s camping out at Maddie’s house for two weeks so she doesn’t miss the birth of the baby.

Then Christine popped up online with photos of herself with Axel last week. So it looked as if Christine also took off from Flagstaff to make her way to Maddie’s home for the birth event. Sister Wives viewers remember when Maddie Brown Brush had her first baby and the crowd that surrounded her.

Kody Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown joined in on the home birth. Meri Brown stopped by as well but she missed the baby’s actual birth.  Maddie Brown was surrounded by her husband and her multiple parents not to mention the midwife and siblings who came in and out. So it was a crowded event.

Sister Wives - Gabe Brown, Gwendlyn Brown, Christine Brown, Axel Brush

Will History Repeat Itself?

If Sister Wives history repeats itself, then Maddie Brown Brush’s second birth will probably have as many of her parents in attendance who can make the trip. There’s also a hint or two dropped by Kody Brown that he too may have made the trip to the East Coast.

Janelle confirmed her stay at Maddie’s home. Then Christine’s photos of her and Axel together also seem to confirm her stay as well. So it’s safe to suggest at least two of her Sister Wives moms flew to North Carolina for the birth. But did Maddie Brown already have her baby girl?

This very well could be the case since new photos emerged suggesting that both Janelle and Christine are back home with their family in Flagstaff.  Janelle was there on the first day of August, so she probably flew to her daughter’s home before her due date. But that was almost a month ago.

Now Janelle and Christine’s pictures suggest they’re back home with their other kids. Janelle posted a photo of Gabriel Brown on his first day of college on Monday. Gwendlyn Brown posted a picture of her and her mom, Christine, just a few days ago.

If Maddie Brown Brush did have her baby girl already, it’s understandable why they would wait on the birth announcement. Maddie became somewhat of a breakout star of the Sister Wives brood because she’s so level headed. Below is a throwback video from the day Axel came into this world.

Sister Wives: Did Maddie Brown Already Have Her Baby?

While the adults in the plural marriage scurried to make a quick move to Flagstaff, Maddie Brown shook her head. She didn’t understand the urgency behind the move. She also didn’t follow them to Flagstaff for a multiple of reasons.

One of those had to do with her fear of getting settled and Kody deciding to pull up stakes again. Maddie and Caleb opted not to live their lives according to Kody Brown’s tendency to seek a change of address every few years.

So did the level-headed and very mature daughter of Janelle and Kody Brown have her baby daughter yet? Why wouldn’t Caleb and Maddie announce the birth of their baby right away?

Once the baby’s birth is announced, Maddie, as well as Caleb, will probably find themselves inundated with fans and reporters wanting the scoop. Everyone wants to see the first baby pictures as well. So maybe the couple decided to enjoy being a family of four privately before the news gets out.

Or… she didn’t have the baby yet and her moms had to get back home as school starts for the kids. If that’s the case Maddie Brown is probably climbing the walls right about now waiting for her daughter to get ready to come into this world.

Although Maddie posted two weeks ago she was on baby watch. She said she was at 38 weeks and some changes were noted. So at the time, she was “officially on baby watch.” So just maybe the baby is here?

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