‘Sister Wives’: Maddie and Caleb Announce Tragic Loss

Sister Wives stars Maddie Brown Brush and Caleb Brush deal with heartbreak today after saying their final goodbyes to Caleb’s beloved dog. The daughter of Kody Brown and Janelle Brown posted sad news. Maddie Brown Brush shared how it’s a rough day for the Caleb Brush household. Then, she added that they said goodbye to Miss Nova, their dog they consider a family member.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush and Husband Caleb Brush Say Farewell to Miss Nova

Maddie’s mom, Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown, offered up her condolences. She said she will miss the pup when she comes to visit. And, in Maddie’s final goodbye to the dog, she shared that  Miss Nova was beloved by her husband Caleb.

Along with calling Miss Nova a much-loved family member, Maddie Brown referred to the dog as “Caleb’s brown baby”. Plus, this Sister Wives pet often appears in pictures with the young couple’s kids, Axel Brush and Evangalynn Kodi “Evie” Brush. And, in the photo below, Axel as a baby falls asleep with the gentle dog.

Also, Miss Nova was there to welcome both Maddie Brown Brush’s children into the world. From the posts Maddie Brush shared in the past, it looks like the pup kept an eye on her new family members. While Maddie didn’t indicate the details around the dog’s loss, her message conveys deep sadness regarding their loss.

Sister Wives: Axel Brush - Maddie Brown Brush - Caleb Brush - Miss Nova

Not Easy Year for Caleb and Maddie Brown

This young Sister Wives couple had a difficult year. Because, Maddie Brown learned through tests while still pregnant that her little girl would be born missing fingers. It wasn’t until little Evie came into the world that Caleb Brush and his wife Maddie Brush learned the full extent of the extremely rare syndrome that Evie possessed.

Then, the second grandchild of the Sister Wives family, Evie, was born with FACTO. This rare diagnosis causes limb malformation. It wasn’t until Evie’s birth that the young couple learned her diagnosis included how it affected her limbs.

Clearly, this is a heartbreaking diagnosis for any parent to hear. But sadness soon gave way to embracing their special little blessing. This beautiful little girl is graced with the support to overcome any obstacle she may meet in life. Evie belongs to one big family who loves her.

Sister Wives: Kudos to Young Mom and Dad

It can’t be easy for Maddie Brown and husband Caleb Brush to live inside this Sister Wives fishbowl. Tons of viewers of the TLC show waited to hear the news that Maddie’s baby was born. But that news seemed long overdue at the time.

So, Maddie Brown Brush didn’t share Evie’s diagnosis when announcing her birth to the online world. It seems the fear that trolls would bully their baby daughter caused Maddie Brown to delay sharing this with their Sister Wives fans. Instead, she found support.

Now, Maddie Brown Brush and hubby Caleb Bush must deal with this loss of their four-legged family member. No doubt, the pair will treasure their memories of Miss Nova as they head into the holiday season with their big extended family. And get ready for the new season of Sister Wives Sunday January 5 on TLC.

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