‘Sister Wives’: Maddie Shares Evie Update – She’s All Sunshine but Her Cast Took a Beating

Sister Wives celeb Maddie Brown Brush shares an update on little Evie Brush‘s post-amputation surgery, along with a picture that says it all. Let’s face it, the newest breakout star from this TLC reality show is Evie Brush. It seems when comes to the Sister Wives, it’s all about this angelic little one these days.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush Offers Cast Diagnosis

It looks like the Sister Wives fans can’t get enough of this adorable little girl and her big brother, Axel Brush. Maddie Brown Brush posted a new photo of her daughter recently and as usual, Evie Brush is all smiles. Still, there was a hint of sympathy coming from Maddie. But that sympathy was only for Evie’s cast.

It seems this little girl is “not letting anything stop her,” writes this young mom from Sister Wives. She also reports that Evie’s “poor cast” is a bit beat up today, thanks to her energetic baby girl.

But, as Evie Brush shows you herself in the photo below, she has a smile that could light up the world.

Sister Wives: Evie Brush with Cast

Evie Brush Touches Many Lives Today

Maddie Brown Brush and her husband Celeb Brush are thanked by many today for sharing Evie’s journey. Evie was born with a rare syndrome, FATCO. Caleb and Maddie’s hoped Evie’s journey would help other parents out there who faced medical journeys with their own child.

Because FATCO is so rare, many of the people sending messages online don’t have the same syndrome as Evie Brush. But they still convey to this young couple from the Sister Wives series just how they’ve gained strength from little Evie’s story.

That strength might be for their children or the fan themselves. But Maddie and Caleb have touched many lives today by sharing Evie’s story.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush - Axel Brush - Evie Brush

Sister Wives: Just Like Janelle Brown

Speaking of smiles, there’s no denying that Maddie Brown Brush inherited her smile from mom, Janelle Brown. Now it appears that’s trickled down to Evie. Her smile, like her mom and grandma’s smile, is contagious.

It looks like this young mom inherited a few other things from her Sister Wives’ mother as well.

Through the years, photos of all the Sister Wives family houses give you an idea of each wives’ choice of decor. Janelle’s house looks cozy, warm, lived in, and welcoming.

The picture below has Kody in his comfy but beat-up recliner at Janelle’s house during an impromptu meeting among the Sister Wives adults. It looks like Maddie likes that comfortable lived-in furniture as well.

Her recliner looks like it holds a lot of memories as the arms are worn. So maybe she inherited her love of comfort from both Janelle and Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Angel Landed In Right Family

Sister Wives followers believe this little angel, Evie Brush, landed in the right family. She couldn’t be more loved by her parents, her brother, and the entire extended Brown family. On top of this list sits Janelle Brown.

Evie’s biological grandmother, Janelle, just returned home after a stay with Maddie’s little family. It looks like Janelle stayed with Maddie Brown Brush while Evie went through the surgery to amputate her foot.

The surgery paves the way for Evie’s future mobility. Although with what this baby girl did to her cast so far, it looks like she’s got a head start on that.

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