‘Sister Wives’: Maddie Brown Addresses Evie’s ‘Stump’ – Choice of Word Questioned By Fans

Sister Wives celeb Maddie Brown Brush found herself thrust into a world she knew nothing about after the birth of her daughter, Evie Brush. But Maddie made it her mission to find out everything she could about her daughter’s rare condition.

Together with her husband, Caleb Brush, Maddie Brown Brush embarked on an unknown territory as parents. The Sister Wives young couple needed to make some tough decisions for their daughter’s future.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush – A Year of Tough Decisions

Evie is just a year-old and already this young Sister Wives couple made several decisions no parent wants to make. But the couple looks stronger than ever as they take their little Sister Wives angel through this journey of Limb Indifference.

Evie Brush was born missing bones, which caused her leg to form differently as well as her hands and feet. But nothing seemed to hold this little girl back. So these brave parents took Evie’s future into consideration when deciding the steps they need to take today with their daughter.

The first granddaughter born to the Sister Wives family had malformed bones at birth.  Her tibia bone bowed on the left leg, making it shorter than her right leg. This made Evie’s left leg almost 1/3 shorter from the other.

After talking with doctors, along with their own research, these proud parents decided on a foot amputation for Evie. The medical specialists recommended this, as it’s the best chance for Evie Brush’s future mobility.  Maddie Brown Brush explained the surgery and procedures scheduled to follow in detail. One of those procedures Evie experiences today.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush Message

Sister Wives: Future Looks Bright for Evie Brush

Maddie and her husband Caleb had a decision to make. It seems that Evie Brush’s case was iffy when it came to meeting the criteria used for leg-lengthening surgery. So, the two Sister Wives parents learned about all options. It seems the lengthening surgical procedures would put Evie through four major surgeries.

They learned that even with this option, which attempts to save her foot, Evie may still face the possibility that her foot would still have be amputated. After much research, Evie’s parents decided on the procedure that seemed to give Evie the best chance for a normal future, the Boyd amputation.

When the newest member of the Sister Wives tribe completed the amputation surgery, next came the “stump shrinker”. This is the next step in preparing Evie’s leg for a fitted prosthetic.  The stump shrinker keeps the area where the amputation took place from swelling too much.

At such a young age, the goal for this Sister Wives little girl is a prosthesis, one that will allow her mobility on her own. Yes, Maddie said they do fit kids Evie Brush’s age with a prosthesis, which needs replacing every six months as she grows.

Sister Wives: Evie Brush with Cast

Maddie Brown Is a Mom Who’s Realistic – Not Abrasive

Besides all this inner turmoil for Maddie Brown Brush with these decisions, now she deals with some serious stuff when it comes to Sister Wives fans. Maddie didn’t announce Evie Brush’s birth for a few weeks. That is due to the struggle of wondering whether or not they wanted to make her diagnosis public.

Online bullies were Maddie’s main worry about sharing the information. But that worry disappeared after all the good wishes and kindness from fans. When Maddie announced Evie Brush’s foot had been amputated, she got some tough questions from fans.

Most of the Sister Wives inquisitive fans wanted to know why she decided to have her daughter’s foot removed surgically. After explaining this was not a decision made lightly, the inquiries quieted down.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush - Evie Brush

It Is What It Is – Correct Terminology

Today it looks as if Maddie finds herself defending her latest choice. This time it’s her wording that’s questioned. The young Sister Wives’ mom calls things by their medical terms no matter how it sounds. It appears that Maddie and Caleb look at Evie’s journey realistically.

When Maddie referred to the end of Evie Brush’s amputated leg as a “stump,” it didn’t sit well with everyone. It sounds as if some fans felt that surely there’s a different word she could use. Evie Brush now wears a “stump shrinker” on the end of her limb, which again, is another step in getting her ready for a prosthetic.

It seems that some Sister Wives followers find the word stump hard to hear or say. But as Maddie says in her message above, it is what it is. This is the correct term no matter how abrasive this may sound to some.

Although she did share some alternatives like a nub, lucky fin, residual limb, or limb difference. But for today she’s using stump, which is a well-accepted word for the area of the leg after the amputation.

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