‘Sister Wives’: Maddie Stunned by Evie’s ‘Houdini’ Moment’ – Prosthetic Details

Sister Wives celeb Maddie Brown Brush shared a detailed description of the next steps for Evie Brush after fans posted tons of questions. Maddie appears happily astonished over her daughter’s progress.

For what they’ve seen so far from this beautiful little girl, nothing keeps her from moving forward. Little Evie Brush also developed a few tricks along this journey so far. She has two casts and Evie shocked her Sister Wives’ parents recently with what Maddie refers to as a “Houdini’ moment.

Sister Wives: Evie Brush Amazes Mom Maddie Brown Brush

The newest member of the Sister Wives brood, Evie Brush, yanked her casts off by herself. Yes, that is correct, somehow Evie twisted, turned, and pulled that cast right off her leg at the site of her recent amputation surgery. She apparently did the same with her hand cast, as Maddie says she pulled both casts off.

At only a year old, Evie Brush managed to take off her casts. This reminded Maddie Brown of the famous magician and escape artist, Harry Houdini. That’s because it was quite the feat from this little girl.

First of all, Maddie expressed her thanks to all the Sister Wives fans who sent their love and well wishes to her daughter Evie. Then she described on a video post where they go from here with her toddler daughter’s journey.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush Holding Evie's Cast

Better Than They Even Imagined

Maddie Brown was happy to say her daughter is doing better than they ever imagined in the healing department. The Sister Wives mom of two also said that questions about Evie’s future prosthetic crop up often from the fans.

Many Sister Wives enthusiasts tend to think that Evie is too young, they didn’t think toddlers were fitted for prosthetics because of their growth rate. Some of Maddie’s followers seem to think a child Evie’s age would outgrow their prosthetic too quickly.

For this reason, these Sister Wives followers were under the impression the medical field waited until a child was older before this step. That’s not so, said Maddie Brown. While her daughter won’t be fitted for a prosthetic until the healing is complete, she’ll get that pretty quickly.

They also expect Evie to grow out of her prosthetic quickly. So, every six months she’ll be fitted for a new one to keep up with her growth spurts.

Sister Wives: Evie Brush with Both Casts On


Sister Wives: Long Journey

Right now Evie Brush has metal rods surgically attached to her leg to help with the healing process of her bone. It also helps support her ankle. Once Evie’s healing is is further along, the rods will be removed.

Maddie Brush said the next step is for Evie to wear a “stub shrinker” or a “nub shrinker” to go over the area of her amputation. These are basically soft compression bandages, the Sister Wives daughter said. These compression bandages help bring down the swelling, which is the last step before her prosthetic fitting.

The swelling has gone down immensely already, which loosened her cast. Maddie Brown Brush suspects the reduced swelling helped Evie remove that cast off her leg, which she dubbed a “Houdini” move.

Doctors removed Evie Brush’s hand-cast last week with the removal of her leg cast scheduled for next week. Now they wait for the area of the amputation to heal and the swelling to go down even more.

Then once the holes from the removal of the metal rods in her legs heal, the prosthetic process starts. The Sister Wives’ young mom sounds ecstatic over her daughter’s progress. This amputation and future prosthetic will offer ease of mobility for this precious little girl.

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