‘Sister Wives’: Maddie Brown Brush Chose Quality of Life with Evie’s Amputation

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush and her husband Caleb Brush recently made a decision about Evie Brush that no parent ever wants to make. But they listened to the medical professionals and did their own research. They even talked to people whose amputation was similar to what Evie faced.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush Educates Herself

This young Sister Wives couple did a years-worth of homework before they decided on amputation for little Evie Brush.

Maddie Brown Brush didn’t have to defend the choice that she and Caleb made regarding Evie. But she did. Maddie shared with her Sister Wives followers that doctors amputated Evie’s foot. But her followers inundated this young mom with questions.

Maddie said she understands the different questions. She also said that she too would ask those same questions after “first glance” at the story.

The Sister Wives’ mom of two made no secret of the struggle it took to get her to her final decision to do this. Maddie Brown Brush tells the fans that this decision didn’t come to them lightly. The future of Evie Brush was in every turn they made before coming to this decision.

Sister Wives: Evie Brush

Fans Ask Insensitive Questions About Baby Evie Brush

Of course, many insensitive questions from the Sister Wives viewers came up.  Many were based off ignorance. Questions like, “You cut off her foot?” and “Wait, where’s her foot?” Fans questioned Maddie – they want to know why did they amputate her foot?

After asking many questions as to Evie’s future, it came down to the quality of life for their youngest child. Her daughter’s left tibia bone was bowed and shorter than the right. This made her left leg about 1/3 shorter than the right.

Evie Brush’s case fell into the gray area when it came to criteria for leg-lengthening surgery. So, these Sister Wives parents opted for the amputation.

The lengthening procedure would entail four major surgeries. Even once complete, Evie may still face the possibility that her foot would need to be amputated at the end. So, after all their research, they choose the Boyd amputation for Evie.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush - Axel Brush - Evie Brush

Sister Wives: Amputation Looked at Differently

Maddie and Caleb spent most of last year educating themselves on what would offer Evie Brush the best quality of life. Maddie also said there’s more to amputation than to save a limb when they can do nothing else.

Now she’s learned to look at it from the limb indifference point of view. It is all about the quality of life for her little girl. fans of the Sister Wives show will get to watch Evie’s progress through the years, as Maddie does a great job of keeping fans updated online.

What science offers for prosthetic limbs today is amazing. Maddie Brown Brush followers look forward to seeing Evie make great strides thanks to her parent’s many sound decisions along the way.

Sister Wives fans basically watched Maddie Brown Brush grow up. They love her for many things, but her maturity level always seemed way above her peer group.

So, the die-hard followers of the Sister Wives series chime in on social media. They know what Maddie and Caleb decided upon for Evie Brush, is her best chance at mobility as she gets older. The young couple gets a lot of support from not only their Sister Wives family but from the fans as well.

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