‘Sister Wives’: Maddie Brown Shares Baby Evie Updates For Limb Awareness Month

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush was shown in yesterday’s episode giving birth to her daughter Evangalynn Kodi Brush. Maddie’s labor was less stressful this time than with her labor and delivery of her son Axel James Brush. Her biggest stress was when her husband Caleb Brush would get to the birthing center. In many ways, little Evie Brush, as they now call their daughter, waited for her daddy to arrive before making her entrance to the world.

Maddie Brush revealed before the current season of Sister Wives debuted her daughter was born with FATCO (Fibular aplasia, tibial campomelia, and oligosyndactyly) syndrome. It is a rare condition that causes limbs to be malformed. Although baby Evie Brush was born on August 20, 2109, her birth was not shown on screen until last night. However, April is Limb Awareness month. So, doting momma Maddie Brush is using this as her chance to inform fans and followers about this rare genetic disorder.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush Has Mom Guilt Over Baby’s Condition

Sister Wives’ mom of two Maddie Brown Brush initially felt “mom guilt” when she learned her child Evangalynn Kodi would be born missing bones, fingers and have a multitude of health issues throughout her life. Maddie wondered if it was something she did that caused the defect. Of course, there was nothing Maddie could’ve done differently. It’s just a rare disorder out of her control.

Initially, the Sister Wives alum debated even sharing the baby’s diagnosis with the world. People are cruel, especially on the internet. Maddie didn’t want to deal with online trolls and haters. However, she was in a no-win situation. So she decided to take control of the narrative and share Evie K’s diagnosis. Maddie felt that hiding it would create more problems. They feared Evie Brush would be the target of unkind jokes and memes. Additionally, they felt their silence could cause Evie Brush to be ashamed of herself. So you can see the many levels of mom guilt Maddie battled just months after giving birth.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush - Evangalynn Brush

Maddie Brown: Update on Baby Evie Brush For Limb Awareness Month

Sister Wives celeb Maddie Brown Brush is using her fan base from her family’s reality show for good use. April is Limb Awareness month. So the reality star is taking the opportunity to inform her fans and followers on the disorder affecting Evie Brush. Along the way this month Maddie’s also sharing updates on her adorable daughter’s progress.

Evie Brush is the only Sister Wives granddaughter — so far. She will always have a special place in the family.  As Evie gets closer to her first birthday decisions about her condition will be made. Right now she is healthy in every other way. Maddie says she can now roll over and pull herself upon to stand. so she is always on the move. She adores her big brother. Evie has the bluest eyes that mesmerize everyone.  Plus she has a belly laugh like nobody else. According to her proud mom, ” these are the things that make Evie Evie”

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush - Evangalynn Brush

Sister Wives: What’s Next For Evangalynn Kodi Brush?

When Sister Wives sweetheart Evangalynn Kodi Brush was born she was missing a thumb, toe, and a calf bone in one leg. She also had a bowed shinbone. Additionally, a few of her fingers are webbed together. So, in the next few months, Maddie and Caleb Brush will have some tough decisions to make on behalf of their little girl. They needed to allow her body to develop before they could decide how to proceed.

So as Evie’s first birthday gets closer, her parents will weigh their options for surgery and or amputation. Evie Brush will face limitations however they will not prevent her from having a fairly normal life. Evie will walk but it will look different than how others walk. Certainly, she’ll face challenges but with such a fiercely devoted mother and a huge army of family in her corner, there’s no stopping this child from exceeding everyone’s expectations.

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