‘Sister Wives’: Maddie Reveals New ‘Regular’ for Evie Brush

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush just offered a hint of what Evie Brush can expect as something “regular” in life going forward. But instead of what the medical providers will do for her, it’s something her mom, Maddie plans on doing herself.

Sister Wives: Major Decisions for Maddie Brown Brush

This Sister Wives darling baby girl opened the eyes and hearts of TLC viewers to FATCO syndrome, thanks to her mom and dad. Maddie Brown and her husband Caleb Brush toiled over going public with Evie’s diagnosis.

They worried that placing Evie in the spotlight would open the doors to ridicule from bullies. But by sharing their story, the Sister Wives couple believed they’d help other families.

These young Sister Wives parents thought by sharing Evie’s journey they’d help families facing similar medical issues with their children. Or, because the syndrome is so rare, this might offer inspiration to families facing tough decisions for their kids.

Sister Wives: Evie Brush Walking

Not a Dry Eye In The House

Despite preparing for things they might face, Maddie still found people who questioned her after announcing Evie Brush’s amputation. She also ran up against reprimands when referring to the site of Evie’s amputation as her “stump”. Fans didn’t like the word “stump” but Maddie pointed out this is the correct terminology.

In August little Evie Brush turned one. Once she had her amputation, she was fitted for a prosthetic. Maddie and Caleb agreed to the amputation because it gave their daughter the best shot at mobility in the future.

But the future for the newest member of the Sister Wives tribe came on fast and furious. Over this past weekend, Evie walked. This little girl didn’t just toddle over to a chair. No, she set off on a fast pace across the living room floor.

Maddie Brown Brush declared “We have a walker”.  This heartwarming scene probably didn’t leave a dry eye among the Sister Wives followers.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush - Evie Brush

Sister Wives: Maddie Announces Evie Brush’s New ‘Regular’

The love and joy seen in the Sister Wives photo above accompanied Maddie’s latest announcement. The mother and daughter dressed alike, both in jeans and pink tops. This Sister Wives duo also shares a few moments of cuddling.

Maddie Brown Brush writes, “Little does she know this is going to be a regular!” So, this caption for the photo confused the fans. They see two things going on in this picture.

The first is mom and daughter cuddling. After following Maddie Brown Brush and Evie Brush, followers already know this affection is a “regular” between the two. So, the other thing they spot is mother-daughter clothes.

It seems the new regular probably means Evie can expect to dress like her mom. Or at least that’s what the Sister Wives fans decided upon after analyzing both the pic and what Maddie wrote.

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