‘Sister Wives’: Evie Brush Now Walks – Strolls Across Room with New Prosthesis (Pics)

Sister Wives newest celeb, little Evie Brush, gallivants across the living room as she takes several steps like a toddler on a mission. As Maddie Brown Brush and Caleb Brush look on, Evie gets her little legs going at a fast pace. But after what this little girl went through, these first steps might just bring tears of joy to the eyes of Sister Wives fans.

Notice in the photos below how someone else watches as his niece walks like a real trooper. Yep, that’s proud Uncle Hunter Brown on the couch.

Sister Wives: Parents Make Tough Decision For Evie Brush

These parents, mom Maddie, and dad Caleb were faced with a decision that no parent wants to make. When Evie was born with FATCO syndrome their world changed. This condition causes malformed limbs. But each case is different.

As for Evie, who celebrated her first birthday in August, she was missing a fibula in one leg. While that’s the correct name for that bone, many refer to this as the calf bone.

Evie Brush also had a bowed tibia, which many call a shin bone. So, for Evie’s future, this young Sister Wives mother and father needed to make a decision. But they faced two options, with both considered fairly serious procedures.

It seems one option entailed stretching the leg. But that’s painful and not just a one-shot deal.

It seems several procedures are needed to do this. But, there is no guarantee this would work and Evie Brush could end up with an amputation even after they attempted this treatment.

Sister Wives: Evie Brush Walking

Evie Brush Future So Bright – She’ll Need Sunglasses

Instead, they opted for a Boyd amputation. Once done, at only a  year old, Evie Brush became fitted for her prosthetic. Then she’ll receive a new one every six months as she grows.

But the decision to amputate was not an easy one for Caleb and Maddie. They read all the research and talked to the experts in this field before coming to this decision.

It appears Maddie hesitated to share Evie’s journey with the Sister Wives followers. But changed her mind when realizing Evie’s journey could help other parents out there going through the same thing.

It seems this Sister Wives’ adult daughter learned this news after she underwent one of her first ultrasounds while pregnant. But the test only showed fingers missing for her unborn daughter. As you might imagine both heartbreak and guilt set in for this mom. Maddie said in an early interview how she sat and wondered what she did wrong.

Then once Evie came into the world, they realized her condition entailed more than missing fingers. Along with the tibia missing and bowed fibula, she was missing a thumb and a toe. Evie Brush also had two fingers fused as well. But Maddie and her husband, Caleb, immediately started planning for Evie’s future. This amputation and prosthesis promised to help with her mobility.

Sister Wives: Evie Brush Walking

Sister Wives: ‘We Have A Walker’

This Sister Wives daughter and her husband dealt with more than most parents face. Maddie defended their decision to the fans, some of who questioned Evie Brush’s amputation. Maddie and Caleb wanted to give their daughter what she needed to offer a chance at a normal life. This includes giving their daughter her best chance to walk.

Well, as Evie Brush takes several steps with gusto and confidence, this offers evidence that this Sister Wives mom and dad made the best decision possible. As Maddie says “We have a walker”. And… they sure do.

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