‘Sister Wives’: Is Meri Brown the ‘Monster’ Maddie Feared in Childhood?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is one of the five parent figures for Maddie Brown Brush but it sounds like that relationship differed a bit. As Maddie became a mother herself, a trip down memory lane recalled some fear for this Sister Wives daughter.

A few blurbs from Meri Brown on social media a while back seemed to stir something in Maddie Brown. This led to an explosion of words and while deleted today, it’s online for good in the form of screenshots.

Sister Wives: It Begins With Meri Brown

So, how did the rapid round of Sister Wives’ posts start between Meri Brown and the biological daughter of Janelle Brown? First of all, not one name was mentioned, so you don’t know for sure that Meri referred to Maddie in her post.

The same goes for the Sister Wives young mom Maddie Brown Brush as well. She called no one out by name. In January of last year, Meri Brown used her social media account to seemingly reprimand someone who she left unnamed.

It’s no secret that Meri takes her business as LuLaRoe top sales associate very seriously. This Sister Wives celeb is a daily model for this brand as she wears all their clothes. So, without going into a full explanation of the LuLaRoe business model, it’s set up similar to a pyramid.

As a sales rep when you recruit other reps, you get a portion of their sales. When your recruits get their own recruits, you also get a portion of those sales as well. So needless to say the more you recruit, the more you earn. But those folks under you need to sell the items to make the shared money.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush Tweets

Maddie Brown Brush Takes It Personally?

So there’s much more working for the LuLaRoe brand than just selling the articles of clothing. With that said, it appears Maddie Brown Brush worked as part of Meri’s team for LuLaRoe. But it also appears Meri had a problem with one of her team slacking off a bit.

Without mentioning any name, the Sister Wives original matriarch posted a blurb on social media. It sounded more like a reprimand to someone not working up to their potential while selling the clothing brand.

This Sister Wives entrepreneur mentioned how the business was not a hobby. Meri Brown said it’s not just for fun and it should be taken seriously. So it sounded as if she thought someone needed to step up to the plate and get to work. But again, she didn’t disclose this person’s name.

Almost immediately following Meri’s reprimand-sounding post, Maddie Brown seemed to be in a rapid-fire mode as she shot off a few jaw-dropping lines. What the Sister Wives offspring said sounded a lot like retaliation aimed at Meri Brown’s posts.

Whether Maddie Brown Brush aimed this at Meri or not, no one knows for sure except Maddie and possibly Meri. But it still brings to light that Maddie feared someone as she grew up in the Sister Wives family. Whoever she referred to at the time, she dubbed this person “abusive”.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives – Virtual Claws Sharpened?

Because Maddie Brown Brush did work on Meri’s team at the time, fans assumed her posts retaliated against Meri’s tweet. If she hadn’t offered up those posts, Sister Wives followers wouldn’t have had a clue as to who Meri was slapping on the wrist for their work ethics.

In the last few seasons, the Sister Wives series just started to show more interaction and storylines with the older Brown children. So up until now fans just surmised all the kids adored all five of their parents. Or at least that’s what it looked like throughout the decade of Sister Wives Seasons.

If Maddie Brown was indeed referring to Meri as an abusive monster, then that might explain some things seen on the TLC show. Meri was the only Sister Wives parent not present for the birth of the family’s first grandchild.

When Maddie gave birth to Axel Brush, Meri came to the house but never entered the bedroom. But Maddie’s other three moms and Kody Brown were there.

More recently, when Maddie gave birth to their second grandchild, Evie Brush, Meri wasn’t there. But Robyn Brown didn’t make the trip either. Maddie and Caleb now live in North Carolina. Kody Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown made the trip but Robyn Brown and Meri didn’t.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Maddie Brown Brush - Audrey Kriss

Beef Subsides Months Later?

So, all that’s really known for certain is that someone left their mark on Maddie Brown while she was growing up. Whoever this is, she refers to that person today as an abusive monster and as someone who likes to play the victim.

Playing the victim was also a description of Meri Brown that echoed from her Sister Wives family members as well as fans over the last few seasons. Even Meri’s own daughter disliked how Meri would come off like she’s the victim in that catfishing incident instead of taking responsibility.

So, did Maddie Brown Brush fear Meri Brown all her life? Or did she describe someone else? Those battle-like posts went up in January 2019. In March of 2019, just a few months later, Meri, Maddie, and Audrey Kriss posed for the selfie above. Meri’s only biological child, Mariah Brown, is engaged to Audrey.

Maybe this was all done in the heat of the moment as they look pretty chummy above. Maybe Meri Brown was reprimanding someone other than Maddie Brown and she jumped the gun. Or, just maybe they were talking about other people outside the Sister Wives family and not aiming the remarks at each other.

Either way, Maddie shared her fears. So, this sounds horrendous no matter who did this to her. Because she called this person “her” it’s obvious she’s referring to a female as the person she feared.

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