‘Sister Wives’: Evie Has Grown Pic – Maddie Shares Her Yellow Mystery

Sister Wives celeb Maddie Brown Brush shared a recent photo of her daughter Evie Brush and the fans can’t get enough of this little angel. You can almost hear the virtual cooing online over this adorable baby.

Sister Wives: Evie Brush Stuns Her Parents With Her Tenacity

Maddie represents the second generation of Sister Wives’ moms, although she intends to remain the only wife for her husband, Caleb Brush. Her adorable daughter was born with a rare disorder and now that Evie Brush grows, it’s trial and error time for the tot.

Maddie Brown Brush explains how Evie learns to navigate with her limb indifference due to FATCO syndrome. When this tiny tot tries to get up and falls, she tries another way. This newest mom from Sister Wives says her baby girl gets up and tries again.

Evie Brush will celebrate her first birthday on August 20, so at 10 months old she sounds pretty active. It also looks as if the newest member of the Sister Wives tribe dazzles her parents with her tenacity when attempting all the normal functions of a pre-toddler.

Sister Wives: Evie Brush

Maddie Brown Brush Yellow Mystery

It seems Evie’s mother, Maddie Brown Brush, never liked the color yellow. But while pregnant with Evie, Maddie seemed to gravitate toward that color. Whether it was something that changed for this Sister Wives daughter or Evie’s personality coming through, this mom doesn’t know for sure.

From there Maddie became possessed by lemons, which of course come in the color yellow. She can’t pass anything by in a store that has lemons on it. One such purchase appears to be little Evie’s outfit above. Lemons seem to look good on this little angel as well.

It dawned on both Maddie and Caleb that their little girl is like their very own lemonade. She is their “sunshine” on an overcast day. Evie’s entire Sister Wives extended family is in awe of this baby.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush - Evangalynn Brush


Sister Wives: This Little Girl is Amazing

As Evie’s mom, Maddie has been through a lot. Maddie learned of her baby’s diagnosis while still pregnant with Evie Brush. From that point on she worried about the level of involvement of Evie’s syndrome. The last season of Sister Wives featured the baby’s birth.

Maddie and Caleb worried about how she would get along in the world. She might not have the advantage of movement like their toddler son Axel Brush.

While Evie has a long road ahead of her, from what Maddie says, she’s amazed them with something new almost every day. This little girl is happy with a little “sassy” thrown in for good measure. But most of all she’s a joy to be around.

Both Maddie and her husband Caleb are applauded by Sister Wives fans for not hiding anything about their daughter’s diagnosis. These proud parents want to help others going through the same thing with their kids.

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