‘Sister Wives’: Maddie Applauded for Not Hiding Baby’s Missing Fingers, Shortened Limb Bones in Photo

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush amazed her followers by sharing a photo of her new infant daughter without hiding her rare condition. Evangalynn Kodi Brush is so beautiful that some fans said they didn’t notice anything different about the little girl at first.

Maddie Brown Brush and her husband Caleb Brush decided to share their infant daughter’s rare medical condition after a long struggle with the decision. Today, fans can’t say enough about how proud they are of this young Sister Wives couple for sharing the baby’s rare syndrome. But it sounds like the journey to get to where they are today wasn’t easy on Maddie Brown or Caleb Brush.

Sister Wives: Started Before Maddie Brown Gave Birth

Maddie, Caleb, and their entire family kept her second child’s birth announcement under wraps for more than a week after Evangalynn Kodi Brush was born. But now fans have some idea as to why this happened.

As Maddie Brown neared her due date in August, all the members of the Sister Wives tribe remained unusually quiet. Nothing much was offered on Maddie and Celeb Brush waiting for the baby’s arrival.

Then when the baby was born, the birth announcement was delayed. Unbeknownst to the followers of Sister Wives, the baby was already here as they jumped online asking about any news yet on the arrival of Maddie Brown’s baby.

Sister Wives: Evie Brush

Secrecy Around Maddie Brown Brush Giving Birth Now Understood

Sister Wives enthusiasts asked why Maddie’s pregnancy seemed to go on way too long. Some of the veteran followers out there started to speculate that the baby was born but the family wasn’t saying anything.

It seems they were correct in their assumptions. When Maddie Brown delivered her daughter, nine days went by before Janelle Brown revealed the news to her Sister Wives followers online.

Janelle told her Instagram followers that Caleb and Maddie Brush are the proud parents of a baby girl. Evangalynn Kodi Brush weighed in at 8 lbs,12 oz. She also measured 21-inches-long at birth.

The baby’s middle name is Kodi to honor her grandfather Kody Brown. Maddie Brown later told the folks who follow Sister Wives that they would call their little bundle of joy – Evie.

Sister Wives: Caleb Brush - Maddie Brown Brush - Axel Brush - Evie Brush

Sister Wives: Grandma Janelle Brown Unknowingly Offers Clue

Before the proud biological grandmother of Evie announced her birth, she had unknowingly given fans a huge hint that the baby was here. Fans knew Janelle was on baby watch in August when she stayed with Maddie Brown as her due date neared.

The second wife of the Sister Wives clan posted photos online of some of the cute antics she witnessed from Axel Brush. She did this while in Maddie’s home in North Carolina.

But then suddenly Janelle stopped posting photos of Axel in his North Carolina home. She started to post pictures of her own kids in Flagstaff, Arizona. So the Sister Wives watchers knew something was up. It was obvious Janelle was back at home.

But there was no way she would miss the birth of her second grandchild. This had to mean Maddie Brown had her baby and Janelle headed home in time for the kids’ first day of school.

Maddie Brown Brush later revealed that her due date for Evie was August 20. She also revealed that for the second time, she had her baby on the due date that the doctor assigned to her pregnancy. So, while fans waited for news of her birth, little Evie was already here. But Sister Wives fans had no way of knowing this.

Sister Wives: Evie Brush

Some Complications Discovered Before Birth – But Not the Full Extent

Then the fans found out that the baby was born nine days prior to Janelle’s birth announcement. The followers of the Sister Wives were a bit perplexed. But they chalked it up to Maddie Brown and her husband Caleb wanting some alone time with their new little family.

Once the announcement was made, the media swoops in. So, the people who follow the Sister Wives assumed that nine days gave the family some space to bond. Little did they know the struggle these new parents were going through at the time.

This week fans found out that Calen and Maddie Brush, along with the rest of the Brown family, had learned the full extent of Evie’s rare syndrome at birth. This is most likely the reason for the delayed announcement. Before Evie was born, the family learned there were some issues. They found this out during the 26-week routine ultrasound.

But they didn’t know the full extent of Evie’s condition until she was born. They knew the baby didn’t have 10 fingers while still in her mom’s womb. After Maddie Brown delivered the baby then they learned Evie was born with undeveloped and missing bones in her limbs, fingers, and toe. She was then diagnosed with a very rare disorder called FATCO syndrome.

That was a lot to process. But according to the experts in this field, children with FATCO syndrome have no cognitive issues or facial anomalies. As you can see by Evie’s photos, the little angel is beautiful.

Sister Wives: What Does This Mean for Evie Brush?

Evie has an extremely rare medical condition called FATCO. But that’s an acronym version from the long scientific name, fibular aplasia, tibial campomelia, and oligosyndactyly syndrome. Only 10 other documented cases like what the doctors found in Evie’s case were ever documented.

For Evie, this means she was born missing three of her fingers and a toe. The infant was also missing her fibula. She was also born with a bowed tibia and she has a shortened forearm. They also note her fused fingers.

Despite being born with this syndrome, the Sister Wives extended family holds high hopes for Evie. They expect her to enjoy a normal life. She is healthy in every other way despite the diagnosis of undeveloped and missing bones.

In hindsight, this is probably part of the reason that it looked as if the Sister Wives kept the baby’s birth under wraps at first. Maddie Brown Brush also said that one of the hardest decisions that she ever had to make with Caleb as parents was to reveal their daughter’s diagnosis.

Keeping Things Under Wraps

Maddie Brown mentioned she worried about bullying online towards their precious daughter – that’s why they delayed revealing the complications. This decision to share might also account for the long delay in Evie’s birth announcement as well.

But the decision to share won out and Maddie Brown explained this via her Instagram account. She also posted a full-length view of her daughter for the first time with that post. Fans, friends, and family of the Sister Wives offered comments of praise, love, and best wishes.

People offered thanks to Maddie Brush and her husband for sharing Evie’s story and posting her photo. It looks like their fears of bullying online became short-lived. Not a soul offered anything remotely negative to the proud parents of Evie Brush.

When it comes to her grandma, Janelle already let everyone know that her feelings about Evie. She writes, “My love for her is fierce”. She referred to her beautiful granddaughter as “someone so unique and special” as well.

The internet offered a standing ovation and tons of applause for Evie’s parents’ decision. They also sent love and well wishes to Evie and her Sister Wives family. Maddie Brown posted online today describing how she could only cry and cry some more after feeling this outpouring of love.

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