‘Sister Wives’: Maddie Brown Brush Claps Back at Mom Critics

Sister Wives co-star Maddie Brown Brush has some definite feelings about a rather skewed view these days of what it takes to be a good mom. Maddie just revealed she’s having a baby girl with her second pregnancy. She’s already a mom of a toddler son, Axel. Now with a daughter on the way, Maddie took time out to set her online critics straight.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown on Motherhood

It looks like Maddie’s heard about enough of how your education level defines the kind of mom you will be. She starts off the conversation with a post on Instagram – “Let’s talk about something for a minute,” she writes. This young mom from the Sister Wives reality show then points out that a higher education level does not coincide with being a good mother.

As a young mom today Maddie Brown seems to feel this is a train of thought she comes across all too often. She also points out that she sees moms who are almost ashamed that they didn’t get a degree before having kids.

These commenters seem to believe that a degree somehow makes you better qualified to parent.

Sister Wives : Maddie Brown Brush - Axel Brush

The Higher the Education the Better the Mom Skills?

Maddie Brown also shares that this is something she struggles with. She says she’s often is told she should have gone to college before having her children. Some folks tell her she’d not only be a better mom but a better provider as well. This Sister Wives daughter isn’t buying this.

If Maddie Brown is inundated with these views as a new mom, then there’s bound to be other new mothers experiencing the same thing. This Sister Wives daughter hopped online to tell all the moms out there, that education isn’t criteria for motherhood.

Sister Wives Star isn’t Buying What Their Selling

It’s not hard to pick up that Maddie is a bit indignant over the assumptions about education and good mother skills going hand and hand. She gets comments online about her lack of education before having kids.

While the Sister Wives mom felt the need to respond, she kindly points out the error of their ways. The moms from the TLC show, including Janelle Brown, who’s Maddie’s birth mother, get their share of negative feedback online.

But one thing many people point out is that they’ve done a wonderful job of bringing up their kids. So it looks like Maddie couldn’t ask for better education in child rearing – she’s lived it.

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