Sister Wives: Maddie Brown’s Big Push Before the Baby – She’s Nesting

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush seems to demonstrate some major signs of nesting recently, which crops up right before her baby’s due. Most women at Maddie’s stage of pregnancy are more than ready to give birth and it looks like the Sister Wives daughter is finally there today.

Madison Rose Brown Brush took to social media recently because her baby’s arrival will interrupt one of her yearly traditions. So at first, Maddie Brown displays indecision on whether or not to take on the task earlier than usual. She wants it done when the baby comes home. So just what is the task this very pregnant Sister Wives mom finally decided to do?

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush Decking the Halls

It seems Maddie is in a quandary about decorating her house for Autumn. This isn’t just about just attaching a trio of Indian corn to her front door. No, Maddie Brown explains that decorating for Fall is her thing. Maddie realizes that decorating for the autumn season in July might seem a bit too soon to her Sister Wives followers.

The expectant mom then assures her fans she won’t have her house decked out for Fall in July. She can’t fathom going up to the attic anytime in July to get the decorations, she conveys. That’s probably due to the heat.

But on the other hand, Maddie Brown Brush doesn’t want to delay the decorating. As her traditional timeline for Fall decorating this year comes at a time she’ll be taking care of a newborn baby. So the Sister Wives popular daughter will deck the halls with her autumn trimmings at the beginning of August. If Maddie thinks the attic is hot in July, the sweltering heat amps up in August.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush

Nesting Phase Takes Over

In a short clip, Maddie looks into the camera to say she traditionally decorates for Fall on September 1. But she’ll have a newborn this year at that time. As she the soon-to-be-mom-of-two says, she’s one of those “Fall” people, so the decorations must go up. Yep, it appears this Sister Wives fan favorite is nesting.

According to American, nesting occurs in the weeks right before the baby is delivered. They describe nesting as “an overwhelming desire to get your home ready” to bring in a new baby. It looks like just what this co-star experiences today. She doesn’t want to leave any task undone. So when she arrives home with the new baby, Maddie wants her house is in order – for Fall.

It sounds like Maddie Brown’s sudden bout of energy with urges to clean and organize falls under the definition of nesting. According to the experts and moms everywhere, this energetic stage takes over the pregnant woman as the baby delivery nears. It wasn’t all that long ago that Maddie Brown Brush and hubby Caleb introduced the Sister Wives viewers to their first child, Axel, in the video clip below.

Sister Wives: Madison Brown Brush Gets Ready for Baby Number Two

The young pregnant mom from Sister Wives who’s expecting her second baby soon isn’t just getting her brick and mortar house in order. Earlier in the week, she rearranged some categories on one of her social media accounts. So Maddie Brown Brush seems to demonstrate nesting in her virtual world as well.

As the Sister Wives family grows in size, chatter emerges that another family member looks to be in the family way. A recent online picture of Robyn Brown has fans suggesting she too looks pregnant.

Madison Brown Brush is the daughter of Kody Brown and Janelle Brown. Many fans adore Maddie, who they see as one of the most level-headed adults in the Sister Wives family. Maddie and her husband Caleb Brush have a two-year-old son, Axel Brush. Maddie Brown Brush and Caleb revealed a while back that their second child is a girl.

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