‘Sister Wives’: Maddie Brown Calls Meri ‘Abusive-Monster’? Deletes Twitter After Feud

Sister Wives star Meri Brown got into a social media feud with Janelle Brown’s daughter Maddie Brown. Things got heated and then Maddie deleted her Twitter account. As of this writing, her account remains shut down.

Everything seems to have started when Maddie Brown responded to a tweet and says the person was a “Monster” and “Abusive”. Was she referring to Meri? Sister Wives fans think she was.

Although Meri and Maddie didn’t name names in their tweets, it sure sounds like something is amiss in the Brown family. Meri tweeted and almost instantly Maddie Brown retaliated but neither mentioned the other’s name.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown vs Maddie Brown

Maddie Brown, Janelle and Kody Brown’s daughter, appears to be in a social media mess with Kody’s first wife Meri Brown. Maddie is the first of the Brown children to make her dad and his wives grandparents. The birth of her baby was highlighted at the end of the last season of Sister Wives.

Interestingly enough, Meri was the only one of Kody Brown’s wives not on hand for the childbirth. Also, Maddie helps Meri Brown with an online apparel business mentioned on this season’s premiere. These recent tweets between the two seem to suggest there might be some beef between them.

How It Started: Meri Gripes About Business Issue

This social media showdown happened Tuesday morning. It started when Meri Brown tweeted that someone wasn’t working at their potential. But the snarky-sounding tweet didn’t mention a name although she made herself clear.

The Sister Wives celeb said Lularoe isn’t fun or a hobby, but a business to be taken seriously. The comment also seemed to suggest the person she’s referring to should take their work more seriously. Following Meri’s reprimand, stepdaughter Maddie tweeted the messages seen below – also without mentioning a name.

Sister Wives: Maddy Brown

Maddie Tweets About Abusive Monster – Then Shuts Down Twitter

Maddie Brown’s series of tweets came right after Meri’s. The young woman refers to a person she’s feared for years, calling them “a monster”. From the looks of it, it appears their tweets may have been aimed at each other. So was Meri’s message meant for Maddie or someone else?

Then Maddie’s tweets telling someone off that she thinks is a monster that hurts others. She also suggested the person was “abusive” towards her for her entire life. The tweets Maddie sent out are sprinkled with foul language as well. Whomever Maddie is talking about is someone she clearly doesn’t like or trust.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown


Who is Playing a Victim?

Whoever Maddie is referring to in these comments, she considers this person a “monster.” Maddie tweeted out of retaliation, which she makes clear in the second tweet in the series of three. This person she is referring to is someone who is playing a victim right now in her eyes.

Things moved along rather quickly for these two family members from Sister Wives. If you didn’t see either of the tweets, you missed out because Meri deleted hers first. After the exchange, Maddie Brown completely shut down her Twitter. You can see above that her no longer exists on that social platform.

Meri and Maddie Fallout?

Also, Maddie and Meri both unfollowed each other on Instagram. And it seems Maddie is longer on Meri’s sales team as she now sells Lularoe on her own. Maddie’s tweet might not refer to Meri – but it seems so. If it is about Meri, the abuse accusations are troubling, as is the reference to being scared of this person her whole life.

With no names mentioned, you can’t say for sure, but it seems Meri Brown and Maddie Brown had a major fallout today. Then again, she could be referring to someone completely different. Watch the newest season on TLC Sunday nights.

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