‘Sister Wives’ Spoilers: Kody Brown and Family – What Are They Running From?

Sister Wives spoilers are out. A new season with Kody Brown starts Sunday night. One adult child of Kody suggests it looks like the family is running away from something. Kody Brown and his four wives, Meri Brown, Christine Brown, Robyn Brown, and Janelle Brown get ready to move.

But at least one of their adult kids seems a bit confused about their latest journey. Kody Brown insists that his large family get ready for their move to Flagstaff, Arizona. This comes with protests from not only a few wives but a couple of his adult children as well.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Why The Quick Move, Kody Brown?

When the TLC show Sister Wives first aired, most of the kids were young, none of them were on their own. Now Kody Brown and his wives have married daughters who have questions – – like Aspyn, who got married during the summer. When Christine tells her Aspyn she’s done with Nevada, Aspyn offers concerns of her own.

She says she doesn’t understand the sudden move to another state. Kody’s young daughter looks into the Sister Wives camera and says what she’s thinking. “I just feel like they’re running away from something and I don’t know what they’re running away from,” said Aspyn. If she’s correct, what could the adults in the Brown family be getting away from?

Sister Wives Janelle, Christine, Meri, and Robyn – On the Run Again

Sister Wives spoilers show it’s happening all over again for the Sister Wives family. They’re picking up stakes and moving. Last time they had a reason to get out of town, but what’s happening this time around?

Kody Bown packed up all four wives and the dozen-and-a-half kids for their sudden move to Las Vegas. They fled Utah for fear of prosecution under the strict polygamy laws a few years back.

Patriarch Wants to Go – Kids Push Back

It sounds as if Kody suffers from a case of wanderlust as he looks in the camera and states how much he misses Utah. Kody Brown opts for Flagstaff, despite now being safe from criminal charges there. Since the Sister Wives left Utah, the polygamy law changed. Utah’s attorney general said they’ll only prosecute polygamy cases if they involve other crimes.

When the series Sister Wives started in 2010, the kids were a lot younger. The viewers got to see the kids spotlighted at birthday parties and special occasions. But back then their children didn’t do much protesting about their family life. At least not in front of the cameras.

Now that they’re older, that’s changed. Aspyn, who married her fiance Mitch Thompson last June, is not the only Brown child to speak up about the move that Kody’s demanding. It looks like Gabriel Brown, the son of Janelle and Kody Brown, feels the move is just “awful” for him.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Will The Family Follow Kody Browns?

It sounds like Kody Brown won’t be alone in his move. But it also seems the fans have to wait for the season to begin to find out just who follows the Brown patriarch to Arizona. It seems like some of the Brown kids, who have spouses of their own, might not follow Papa Brown on his latest move.

In fact, it sounds like Kody Brown thinks he has every right to decide where the entire clan will live. However, he won’t get everyone to tag along. It appears tears of goodbye flow in the promo video. Sister Wives airs the premiere of the new season on the TLC network this upcoming Sunday, January 20th.

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