‘Sister Wives’ Spoiler: Jealousy Over Kody Brown Still Alive and Kicking?

Sister Wives returns for a new season on TLC as Kody Brown and his four wives still navigate through a bit of jealousy. After all these years, jealousy still tends to crop up with the multiple spouses. Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown make up Kody’s sister wives.

Veteran fans of the show can remember back to 2010 when Robyn Brown came into the family. She brought the number of Kody’s sister wives to four. The jealousy level has subsided since that time. But with four women sharing one husband, it still happens.

Sister Wives – Kody Brown With Meri, Christine, Janelle, and Robyn

Back when Kody courted Robyn, it wasn’t an easy time for Meri, Janelle, and Christine. Kody’s three sister wives lived as one family for almost a decade and a half when Robyn Brown came on board. She was not only younger than the other wives, but critics also noted her smaller size.

Meri weighed 213-pounds, Christine 222, and Janelle weighed in at 272 back in 2011 when the Sister Wives show took to the gym. Robyn, who was pregnant at the time, was 158-pounds. The other spouses protested that Kody liked his women “curvy” when first meeting Robyn. Still, something sparked a fitness craze including weight loss for Kody’s spouses.

Jealousy Flared

Meri and Kody married in 1990, Janelle was second in 1993, and Christine became his third wife in 1994. Robyn married him as his spiritual wife in 2010 when she joined the family. Then Robyn married Kody again in 2014. She became his legal wife after his first sister wife, Meri, made way for that marriage by legally divorcing Kody.

Kody Brown acted like a teenager in love at times around Robyn, which was seen on the TLC show at the time. This didn’t go over well with the other three wives. Critics had a field day as the three wives looked very unimpressed with Kody Brown. It was like he embarked on a honeymoon with the entire family all around.

Kody’s Wedding Dress Slip

When Robyn first joined the family Kody Brown let it slip that he picked out Robyn’s wedding dress. This devastated Christine and she walked off the set. Janelle wrote about it in a book she published, Becoming Sister Wives.

Janelle said all the wives were a “mess” after that show and it took some time to heal. Christine left and didn’t come back for three days, which didn’t appear on the show. The editing made it look as if she came right back but she didn’t.

Still, Robyn survived her rocky entrance into the family. Soon she became close with the family and loved by all her sister wives. Although, it did take some getting used to for Meri, Christine, and Janelle.

Christine Brown Shares The Jealous Tendencies Today

The jealousy of yesteryear subsided. But it looks as if some issues do bubble up now and then in the Brown family. On the preview video for the next season of TLC’s Sister Wives, Christine talks on camera about how being one of many spouses can be “super tricky” at times.

Christine claims it’s not easy when – “You are trying to be best friends with a woman who has a relationship with your husband.” Then there’s a scene between Christine and Meri as they sit on the sofa. Meri says to her sister wife, “you don’t feel comfortable with me around.” It appears that there’s some animosity in the air.

Janelle Brown Surprised – One Sister Wife Sides With Kody On Move?

It seems clear in the video that there’s one wife backing up the move to Flagstaff more so than the other three. Kody is trying to sell the move to his family as the season begins. While Janelle doesn’t want to move, Christine declares she likes Flagstaff.

Christine surprises Janelle with this statement, as seen on the TLC clip. It looks like Christine is doing her best to please Kody in this video. Another shot of him and his sister wives has him making a sarcastic comment.

Only one spouse breaks out in a burst of laughter at the joke-like comment Kody tosses out there. That’s Christine, who looks like she’s especially attentive to her husband these days.

Meri Brown Legally Married 24 Years – Then Divorced Kody

Meri Brown, who was Kody’s first and legal wife, divorced him so that he could legally marry Robyn. While all the sister wives consider him their husband, by law you can only have one legal spouse. For Kody Brown that was Meri for 24 years until they divorced.

At the time the critics of the polygamy lifestyle thought the inevitable happened. They assumed Kody got tired of his older wives and decided to ditch them for some younger wives. Which they believed started with Robyn, who was in her 30s at the time when the other wives were in their 40s.

Meri and Kody divorced in 2014 after Robyn had been his spiritual wife for about 4 years.

Critics Claim Kody Tossed Out Old For New or Younger

To the naysayers, it looked Kody Brown might slowly rid himself of the older wives Christine, Meri, and Janelle. But that wasn’t the case at all. Meri made a huge sacrifice for the sake of Robyn’s three kids from another marriage.

Meri didn’t divorce with the intention of leaving Kody. When Robyn became hiss fourth wife, the father of her three kids was out of the picture. Kody stepped in as their father and he loves the kids like they’re his own.

Meri Sacrifices for Robyn Brown and Her Kids

Kody Brown needed to marry Robyn to adopt the kids. The adoption of the kids was important to the entire family, including Meri. They worried that if something happened to Robyn, the kids could be ripped from their home. This wouldn’t happen if Kody was their legal father. Meri agreed to legally divorce her husband to protect the kids.

Kody Brown’s spouses on Sister Wives find it complicated at times sharing one husband between four women. It doesn’t always go smoothly and yes, there’s even some slight jealousy after all the years they’ve been together.

The new season of Sister Wives airs Sunday, January 20 on TLC.

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