‘Sister Wives’: Did Meri Brown Start Filming Without Kody for New Season?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown might have just dropped a hint that she started filming a new season but away from Kody Brown. TLC hasn’t said a word about the renewal or cancellation of Sister Wives. But a clue that filming has already started popped up recently.

The post that hinted to the possibility that Sister Wives has started filming but not in Flagstaff. Since that’s Kody Brown’s new hometown, most would expect it would start there. No, the clue came from Chicago. That’s where Meri and Kody Brown’s daughter Mariah Brown lives with her fiancee’ Audrey Kriss.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Filming Away From Kody Brown and Clan?

Mariah posted a picture of herself saying she was “filming today.” This led viewers to believe she meant a new season of Sister Wives is in the works.  That would mean Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Meri Brown are filming season 14. Along with that post in Instagram Stories Mariah also gave the film crew a shout out. She said how much she liked them. So the buzz online assumes TLC decided to film Mariah and Audrey first in a segment for the next season.

This would make sense as TLC likes to keep things under wraps. So while people eye Kody Brown and his Sister Wives family in Flagstaff for cameras lurking, they’re elsewhere. So if they start off in Chicago with Mariah that would throw folks off the scent. Then Meri Brown popped up with a new post of her own on Instagram. She’s in Chicago visiting her girls. So through deductive reasoning, it looks as if Meri might be filming along with her daughter in the Windy City. The picture Meri recently posted is seen below on the left. Mariah’s “filming” pick is on the left.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Mariah Brown - Audrey Kriss


New Season or No New Season?

TLC is notorious for keeping the fans out of the loop when it comes to a show renewal. Still, TLC has offered no word on Sister Wives getting canceled. So it only stands to reason folks believe there’s another season planned. But again, nothing official has been passed down from the head honchos about this. The way Sister Wives season 13 closed out led fans to believe there’s more of the Brown family to come on TLC.

First of all, Meri Brown and her shared husband’s relationship looked to be mending itself on the Sister Wives “Tell All.” But recent rumors have them at odds once more. It seems reports put Kody Brown just a bit too settled down with Robyn in that Flagstaff mansion that was highlighted at the end of the last season. The reports suggest the other wives, as well as Mary, are a bit taken back by Robyn taking up a good portion of Kody’s time.

Sister Wives: TLC Left a Dangling Carrot or Two

Besides Sister Wives fans wanting to know more about where Kody and Meri Brown are today in their relationship, there’s a big house on the horizon as well. Now that Coyote Pass is all theirs, will Kody get that big house or will he resign himself to each wife having their own home? That’s another big question to which there’s no answer as of yet. Chances are TLC wants it that way. If another season materializes you’d expect viewers to tune in, especially with all the unanswered questions from last season.

Now with the hint in the wind that Mariah is filming in Chicago, this leaves another possibility. Mariah and Audrey got quite a bit of attention, along with her other grown-up siblings and their new families last season. So is Sister Wives branching out to film in the homes of the adult children of Kody Brown? Madison Brown and her husband Caleb Brush got a lot of viewers’ attention especially once Axel arrived. Now with another baby on the way, well there’s plenty there for filming. The same goes for Aspyn and her husband Mitch Thompson as newlyweds, people loved this couple as well.

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